Month: August 2013

Best Cydia Tweaks 2013 – Top 10

quasarConcept of devices not supporting themes, custom ringtones and tweaks started the jailbreak revolution. So with absinthe and other jailbreak tools you could easily take control of you iPhone, iPod or iPad. But this was not it, because in order to distribute the packages you would need a 3rd party distribution platform, so those cydia appeared. With cydia you could even manage your installed packages. First the only way you could get it was by a jailbreak tool, but now you can easily download cydia, there is even a deb version. Cydia is now housing a wide variety of packages from paid to free ones. But today the only thing that we are going to cover is tweaks. Even though they are free it’s hard to test them all and find the right one that suits you. This way I’m going to present my top 10 list of cydia tweaks.


  1. safari_download_managerMy first tweak is one that copies the function of you uninstall apps from App Store, it’s called Cydelete beside the way of uninstalling apps from Manage section in Cydia you can long press an icon of an app installed from Cydia and wait for it to toggle then press the X button.
  2. Activator is good if you want to make a quick action using gestures. So if you want to launch an app using gestures, use activator. Toggle Wi-Fi, activator. I think you’ve got my idea.
  3. Auxo is a tweak that will update App Switcher. It brings thumbnail view of the screen in App Switcher, adds a wide variety of toggles that you can easily scroll between them, new music controls
  4. There is a similar gesture for this on iPad but on iPhone it’s missing. So in order to have a function that switches between apps by swiping from left to right or right to left Zephyr is the one you need.
  5. If you did not like the concept if Auxo I suggest SBSettings. This tweak will bring a small popup window with the most important toggles and information for your iDevice.
  6. We all have problems when it comes using FaceTime over 3G/4G or watching a video from internet in low quality. Well with My3G you can remove this nasty rule.
  7. Quasar is that thing that every iDevice lacks. Open apps in different windows. It’s pretty much like the desktop experience where you can do anything with the window of each running application.
  8. Early in this post we have mentioned themes, well Winterboard is a tweak that will help you change the looks of you user interface. Cydia is loaded with ready-made themes for WInterboard.
  9. MultiIconMover is that tweak that will help you move multiple icons.
  10. Safari download manager helps you download multiple files simultaneously also it can manage all your downloaded files.

In order to get some tweaks you will need to install the repo from where is it.

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Best Cydia Apps 2013 – Top 10

ifileIf we start comparing the two stores, Cydia Store and App Store, we will see a huge discrepancy, in terms of apps, tweaks, themes and ringtones. This discrepancy exists because in App Store does not have the last three mentioned. If you want to install these kinds of packages you will need to unlock your device, so in order to remove your limitations from your iPhone or iPad use a jailbreak tool. Remember to tick the installation of Cydia when jailbreaking. If you are having problems finding a jailbreak tool I suggest greenpois0n and absinthe. Enough about this lets focus our attention about what you can find in Cydia. What makes cydia a great 3rd party distribution platform is how easy you can publish an app here. So today we are going to present the top 10 most used apps on the cydia market.


  1. On the first position is that only thing we all need from a device, a file browser. iFile fills in perfectly and now beside the file browsing features you will also get support for your Dropbox account.
  2. Even though Cydia has much to offer, Installulous is that platform that will bring you paid apps for free. To install Installulous you need to add this repo in cydia
  3. biteSMS is one perfect replacement for iMessage. With this you can get extra features like emoticons in message, delayed send, contact pictures in message, quick reply and many more.
  4. Most of you will surely love this one, VLC media is the perfect media player for your jailbroken device.
  5. PKGBackup is that life saver when you restored you device and you have to find and install all those apps and tweaks from cydia. Well this app will help you backup into a cloud or locally all installed cydia packages.
  6. Terminal is that thing for every geek inside us. With this you can run commands and also access root.
  7. If you like playing emulated games you will enjoy Sega Genesis & Sega CD Emulator, like the name is saying this can support the two platforms from Sega.
  8. In case if you don’t have a flashlight Torch App is one simple app that will activate the flash from your device and act like a flashlight not that efficient but practical.
  9. OpenSSH will give you the chance to transfer your files from your PC to your device.
  10. Stride is an app that will add the power of patterns as an unlocking feature.

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Best Cydia Sources 2013 – Top 10

iflatWith the growth of devices being jailbroken there is also an increasing number of developed cydia apps and tweaks so staying in touch with the new launches is quite hard. To get these new arrivals you need to add repositories. Even though you have an iPhone or iPad adding cydia sources is quite simple. But remember first you need to jailbreak your iDevice using one the well-known jailbreak tools redsn0w, sn0wbreeze or absinthe. Via one of this you can get cydia but if you opt out don’t worry you can always download cydia the deb version. After this all is simple you will find a lot of paid and free packages so the only thing you need is the link for the desired repository. Today you are in luck because I’m going to share with you a list of repositories that I use for downloading some of the best cydia apps and tweaks.


  1. We all love free cydia apps so because of this the repo that occupies the first spot in my list is Here you can download Installous, a platform that will let you install for free paid apps. If you want this repo add the following APT url in cydia
  2. Next we continue with Insanelyi, another repo with cracked apps but not as much bigger like but you can still find interesting packages that will help you customize your device. Here you can find famous packages like Infiniboard, Barrel, Infinifolders. APT url is
  3. Having a wide range of tweaks, apps and ringtones, iHackRepo is known for housing some important packages like Color Keyboard, RetinaPad and iProtect. You just need to add
  4. If you just want to download some apps and tweaks BiteYourApple is the right choice for you. Here you can find Full Screen for Safari and GroupSMS. Link for this is
  5. xSellize is more for those who want to emulate NES, Game Boy or any gaming platform of this kind. But is also known for iBlacklist, ScrollingBoard and many more. To benefit from these you need to add
  6. SiNfuL iPhone is known for being one of the best free sources for downloading some of the most popular tweaks and apps. If this startled your curiosity just add this APT url to cydia
  7. 51iPA Source is a repo to have good games, dlc and cheats. Url for this is
  8. HackYouriPhone a good repo to have DreamBoard themes is also famous for having iFlat, Omega HD and other know packages. So if you want to download apps and tweaks from here add
  9. PwnCenter is just like a large collection of media files that you can use for ringtones. Link
  10. Even though most of you never heard until now of iForce I suggest you should give it a try. You can find something like AirBlue Sharing a tweak that will help you transfer the files to other platforms. Simply add

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Cydia, a thorough walktrough

You found a tutorial and chosen the path of jailbreaking but here everything is easy, because you only need to follow those steps. But what about cydia, are there any tutorials on that? Well no, so because of this today we are going to give more attention to this subject. Before we jump in we need to know first what cydia is. Developed by Jay Freeman aka Saurik, cydia provides a GUI to install software packages not present in App Store using APT (Advanced Packaging Tool).

When you start cydia for the first time don’t get alarmed if you get warning messages regarding upgrading some features. You can always choose to Upgrade Essential or Ignore, but is best to upgrade. After upgrading you will need to re-open cydia.

cydia sections

Cydia’s interface has five tabs Home, Sections, Changes, Manage, Search and by default when you always open cydia you will be greeted by the home screen.

Next in line is Sections where all the packages are sorted by categories. This is good if you like to browse between them and check their details. If liked it you can always of to install it right away.In the Home you can manage your cydia account. Even though there are a lot of free apps you can find also paid ones so for this to manage your paid apps you will need an account. Here you can also find guides or install a repo.

We continue with Changes, a section where we find out if there is an upgrade for an installed package or new package arrivals to cydia world sorted by date.

cydia manage

Manage tab is a little bit more complex compared to other tabs. Here you will find three options Packages, Sources and Storage. Packages will let view, reinstall or uninstall packages that you installed via cydia. Sources, well this function will help you manage all repos, you can view, add or remove repositories from here. Repositories are lists of software packages from groups of developers or communities. If you want to add a repo in Manage section tap Sources then Edit followed by Add and right about now you will input the APT url of your repo and finish the adding process by tapping Add Source. Storage is a function that will inform you about all the storage usage of cydia.

cydia repo

And the last function that doesn’t need any explaining is Search.

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