Month: December 2013

Cydia tweaks that can optimize your Notification Center

intelliscreenx_ncWhen it was launched iOS 7 came with lots of improvements and cool new features, but still, with all those things it will not replace the need for tweaks or other non-official software packages. But to install this kind of packages you will need to jailbreak. Being a software distribution platform like App Store, Cydia does not have the same restrictions when it comes to publishing new applications, the chance of downloading a useless software package increases. But still it has a lot to offer. For example, today we are going to talk about apps and tweaks which are designed for Notification Center.
We will break the ice with IntelliScreen X where this tweak will add functionality to Notification Center and to your Lock Screen. You will see things like toggles or other gadgets that can even help you share on your social networks. We continue with Tap to widgets where by default will add a facebook, twitter, calendar, notes and reminder buttons in your Notification Center.
SBSettings beside the useful information that provides will help you access toggles like WiFi, Bluetooth, Airplane Mode and many more. If you don’t like SBSettings you can always try NCSettings which brings all the possible toggles to your NC. I like this tweak because you will not get a cluttered Notification Center instead you will scroll between toggles.kamera If you don’t like toggles and want to add some other functions I can suggest Kamera.
tap_to_widgetWith this tweak with the help of two buttons you can access the front or rear camera. But what if you want to listen to music and want to control it right from NC. Well NCMusicGestures does this job perfectly and even shares on Facebook or Twitter what you are listening. Switching between next or previous song is very easy, just like the title suggests it is a gesture tweak so swipe to left or to right to change song.
Even though my list of tweaks is short, these are the most downloaded and used tweaks when it comes to Notification Center. So remember if you want to customize your iPhone you need first to jailbreak then download cydia or get it via a jailbreaking tool, then after this all is simple.

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