Month: January 2015

How to download and install Zeusmos from Cydia

zeusmos_2With every new iOS version we see lots of new paid and free apps that flood App Store. But sadly most of us find themselves in a dilemma when it comes to paid apps. Even though there are also free versions of those paid apps for testing purposes not all developers go for this kind of tactics so in this case we end up with a huge number of iDevice users who are disappointed because they made a bad choice when they bought an app. But don’t worry there is a way to test these kind of apps. In the first years of Cydia there was a 3rd party distribution platform for cydia cracked apps, it was called Installous, even though it was the jailbreak communities’ fav app this platform did not lasted long, so others apperad, like vShare, AppCake and many more.




Today we are going to talk about a new rising star, this distribution platform is called Zeusmos. Zeusmos runs on any iDevice running iOS 5 or higher and has a huge database of ipa files. So let’s not waste much more time and present you a step by step guide starting with jailbreaking your device and finishing with the installation of Zuesmos.

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How to Get Paid Cydia Apps for Free

Before the jailbreak procedure was introduced there was no way of installing paid apps for free or should I say any kind of app. Apple has a strict policy when it comes to apps or its devices. Many users seen the jailbreak procedure more like a divine intervention also a new hope for developers who weren’t that lucky with their apps getting that approval to be shown in App Store. So jailbreaking you get the chance of installing apps or any other 3rd party packages that Apple will not show in a million years in its AppStore and that are tweaks and themes.

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How to Add ModMyi Repo in Cydia Sources

modmyiLike BigBoss repo ModMyi is considered one of the largest repos in Cydia and its also known for the best visual and audio packages like soundtracks, wallpapers, themes and many other packages.

Usually ModMyi comes added by default but there are some cases where for no reason the repository is missing or you get an error like this one ‘Could not find repository’ or maybe you deleted by mistake. Well don’t get alarmed you can add the repo manually and here is how you can do this.

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AppCake Source Download for iPhone, iPad and iPod

What is AppCake?

The most used Cydia cracked AppStore for jailbroken iPhone, iPad or iPod is definitely AppCake, the greatest Installous alternative available for download. AppCake is developed by the team and is available just for jailbreak users with cydia installed on their iDevices. As Installous, AppCake let’s you find many of the paid apps out there for download free of charge. This is a free repo to allow to install cracked IPA files.


AppCake feautures

Sharing free cracked apps for iPhone or iPad is now made easier with AppCake using Air Drop Sharing to transfer from one device to another the previously downloaded IPA files. AppCake now let’s you know when an update is available for your downloaded apps. 

Because of the big community behind AppCake now anybody can request or submit an app.

Requirements to download and install AppCake:

  • a jailbroken iPhone/iPad/iPod
  • Cydia installed
  • AppSync installed
  • Wi-Fi enabled on the device

How to Download and Install AppCake

Follow these three easy steps to download and install AppCake Source/Repo:

  1. In Cydia go to Manage / Sources / Edit and Add and enter the AppCake repo:
  2. Search for AppCake in Cydia
  3. Install the correct version for your iOS device and ENJOY

I personally use AppCake as a reliable source for cracked apps for my iDevice in order to test them. AppCake is very stable and it should work ok but the apps installed trough AppCake are not guaranteed to work or not to harm your device. If you want to have always the latest version of an app installed just buy the app in Apple’s AppStore after testing it.

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