Month: July 2017

TubeMate YouTube Downloader – Everything You Need to Know

While watching videos on YouTube, you must have got the need to download some of the videos. However, the native YouTube app doesn’t allow you to download the videos to your device. Therefore, you will need to think about getting hold of a reliable tool, which can assist you to download the videos that you want. That’s where TubeMate can assist you with.

What exactly is TubeMate?

TubeMate can simply be defined as an application, which can be used to download videos straight from YouTube. If you get TubeMate for iPhone, you don’t need to go through the frustration of getting videos downloaded to your device. TubeMate for iOS works in a smooth manner to assist you get hold of the videos that you want. Therefore, you will never have to deal with any hassle while you are downloading videos to your device. This can provide you with the opportunity to watch the videos without getting connected to the internet as well.

How to use TubeMate?

If you have got a latest iPhone 10, you would be worrying on how to watch your favorite videos, without even getting connected to the internet. That’s where TubeMate for iOS 10 can assist you with. This is a simple and a straightforward application, which can easily be installed on your device.

Using TubeMate to download YouTube videos iPhone can also be considered as a relatively easy thing to do. After getting YouTube offline iPhone app to the device, you can simply go ahead and search for videos on YouTube. When you come across a video that creates interest on your mind, you can simply open it and you will be prompted with the download option. Then you just need to go ahead and download the video as per your preferred quality. The video downloaded by the TubeMate YouTube downloader app would be saved on your device. Then you are provided with the freedom to move this file to any other folder of your preferences.

Why should you get hold of TubeMate for iPhone?

Plenty of reasons are available for the iOS users to get hold of the TubeMate YouTube downloader app. This amazing app is being offered for free.  Therefore, you will never be asked to pay even a penny to use the features delivered by it. The TubeMate YouTube downloader provides you with the ability to watch videos directly from the app as well. This application has also been optimized in order to deliver faster processing times to the users. Therefore, you will never have to worry about any frustrating lags.

The ability to pause the videos you download can be considered as another prominent feature that can be found in TubeMate. Therefore, you don’t need to wait for a long period of time, until your videos are being downloaded to the device. You will never be restricted to the traditional media file formats and you can even download videos with Full HD resolution. Therefore, any person who is planning to get hold of YouTube videos can download TubeMate.

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