Must Have Cydia Apps

As we all know all iDevices are limited and you must jailbreak them in order to install third-party applications. The most popular third-party application manager is Cydia, a similar account logging for downloading and payments for apps to App Store. Most of the apps on Cydia are free of costs and here you can find all kind of themes and tweaks if you want to change the appearance of your iPhone or iPad.

cydia applications

The best application for changing your device appearance is WinterBoard. You can change the wallpaper, the icons, and the status bar’s graphics, install new themes, customize the notification sound and the ringtone of your device.

A “must have” application is iFile. With this app you can do many cool things. You can view and edit files; it supports text, sound and movie files; you can use it as a video player or sound player, document viewer, editor and you can run and manage archived files, all this for free from Cydia.

If you want to interact more with your device you can use Activator, an app for any iDevice that helps you to customize or assign any buttons, for example to enable/disable sound or Wi-Fi.

If you want to install and place widgets on the home screen, Dashboard X tweak is the way to go. You can get it for $1.99 from Cydia.

Cydia is full of apps and tweaks that are very interesting, the only thing you need is time and patience to install and test them.

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