Is The Apple iPhone 5C Worth Buying?

Hailed as the more affordable option of its premium counterpart, the Apple iPhone 5C has become a focal point of interest for Apple users, ever since it was announced. But is it really a phone worth investing in? This article will look into the main characteristics of the iPhone 5C, as opposed to the flagship iPhone 5.


Let’s cover the technical aspects first and go directly to the processor, where things are pretty much identical, since both devices make use of the same A6 chip, which should indicate similar performance. Analogies don’t end here, especially if comparing the software of the two models, which, again, are identical. It should be noted though that the iPhone 5 will get an update of its pre-installed iOS7 before the newer Apple iPhone 5C hits the market, however, other than that, users will notice no other differences. And as all aficionados of the iPhone know, the company has not introduced a microSD card slot option, not even in this new model, which, unlike previous versions, comes with only two choices instead of three: 16GB and 32GB.


What does the Apple iPhone 5C look and feel like?

In terms of form and design, the latest model looks pretty much the same as the original iPhone 5, except it’s a bit bulkier and will weigh by about 20 grams more in your pocket, since it is made of a cheaper material, namely plastic, although inside, it’s steel reinforced. There are however some pros to this, especially if you enjoy a more colorful experience: users can choose from five different nuances (green, white, pink, blue, yellow) and perhaps more importantly, you will get it new for less money, but we will get to that in a minute.


Is the battery any good?

To answer this question, we need to look at several performance indicators, starting with the screen, which is identical to the iPhone 5 model, meaning it has a resolution of 640 x 1136, 326 ppi and the same 4 inch Retina display.

While Apple says the front facing camera is much better on the iPhone 5C model, especially in dim light situations, similarities continue with the 8MP iSight rear camera, available on both models, although users of the iPhone 5C can play around with the features such as Instagram style filters or square shots, courtesy of a new app installed on the device (which, by the way, will become available on the iPhone 5 as well, together with the new software upgrade).

The last thing we want to consider before answering the battery lifecycle question is connectivity: the main aspect you need to consider here is that the iPhone 5C gets more support for the 4G LTE frequency bands, which in turn means increased compatibility with more network operators. Other than that, both models benefit by almost the same features from this point of view, meaning dual-band Wi-Fi, Lightning connector, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS.

Having said all this, how long will the 5C model last, battery-wise? Well, to put it shortly, you will be able to talk for about two hours more, or browse the internet for the same amount of extra time. According to Apple, stand-by mode is increased by around 25 hours, since the 5C has a larger battery, which is one of the reasons why it’s also a bit bulkier.


Do I buy it?

It’s entirely up to you. If you enjoy a bit of color in your life, then by all means, go for it. If connectiviy and 4G support is important, then keep in mind that this is an important new feature. If price is a criterion, then read ahead. We all know the iPhone 5 model has been discontinued, but for the sake of comparison, we analyzed prices for when it was on sale and compared them to the new iPhone 5C phone: regardless of version (16 or 32GB) the 5C is generally cheaper by about 50 to 60 pounds in the UK, but such a difference can hardly make the new iPhone 5C a budget model. Retail prices range from GBP 469 to GBP 549.


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