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What’s AppSync iOS 9 and Why is a Must-Have App?

Well AppSync for iOS 9 is the best Cydia Tweak available from iOS 3 to now. What AppSync does is very simple… it signs your IPA files so you can install on your iOS device. Apple has build a system when you purchase an app in the AppStore, Apple signs that app so it can only be installed on the device that made the purchase. This is not a problem for those that are purchasing the apps but for those that are searching for cracked or free versions of the same apps in order to installed an shared app you have to use AppSync iOS 9 to fake the Apple signature of the app.appsync-ios9

AppSync Source can only  be installed from Cydia App Store with or without jailbreak even on iOS 9. If you don’t have cydia installed or jailbreak iOS 9 go to the Cydia Download Page. We recommend jailbreak first and then install AppSync Repo.

Download and Install AppSync on iOS 9

Many of the Cydia people that have Cydia installed must-have AppSync. Why? Is more because what AppSync does. All the apps you purchase from Apples App Store are signed by Apple, so every app you get from the AppStore is tailored fit to your iOS Device to make sure the app is not transferable from one device to another. This is the protection that Apple ensures to developers across this Market Place. This is the reason you cannot copy, duplicate or distribute an app. In the other hand cracked apps are modified apps that are not digital signed. Apps that are not signed cannot be installed… here is the part where AppSync comes in handy, it allows you to install all those free apps from vShare or AppCake and HipStore/OpenAppMKT.

Users that have jailbroken their iOS devices just have made their lives easier just follow these easy steps to download AppSync to iOS 8 in Cyida.


Step 1: If don’t have cydia installed just jailbrake your device from the cydia download page – follow the tutorial listed there.


Step 2: Launch Cydia -> Manage and tap on Sources ->Edit -> Add


Step 3: AppSync is one of the most polular tweaks out there. So is listed under many repos:


Step 4: Enter one of the upper listed sources in APT URL box and tap on Add Source


Step 5: Return to Cydia and now you can Search, Download and Install AppSync


Careful to select the app that corresponds to your iOS version.


Disclamer: This is just a guide/tutorial so you can test the app before you buy it. Install the free apps on your own risk.

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