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Yes AppTrackr is gone and Apple killed it. To shed some light on this matter let’s talk a little about this platform on how it came to be, what was its purpose, and how the developers end up shutting down

When developers launched this platform had something in mind, they did not want to promote cracked apps, but instead they wanted to lend a hand to all jailbroken iDevice users so they could test paid apps for free. As you may know there is no way you could test paid apps from AppStore, also it lacks a return policy. But one entity did not agree with the purpose of this platform so Apple had sent a takedown nice to the guys at AppTrackr. However this did not stop for similar platforms from appearing.
AppTrackr and other similar platforms are simple to use, you only need to jailbreak if you haven’t done this yet and then install AppSync. To get AppSync you will need to install cydia and since I’ve brought this up this is another platform which is not web based where you can find some pretty neat cydia apps and also cydia tweaks. The only downside to Cydia is that you need to add cydia sources. Installing cydia repos is easy, in Manage section then Sources hit Edit and then Add. You will only need the cydia repo url.

But AppTrackr is gone, do I still need to hear about it? No, instead let’s talk about some good AppTracker alternatives, yes. There are many platforms out there but just a few who stand out when it comes to a good AppTrackr alternative like AppCake, iAP Cracker, PandaApp, AppAddict, HipStore.
Comparing this list with former platforms AppCake really stands out. It is considered as the best Installous alternative but also a good AppTrackr alternative. This is because AppCake filled right away that gap made by these last two. It has a huge database of cracked apps.

Recently another alternative from the list started to gain ground as being fav platform for cracked apps. This is mainly because they have also a forum where they provide support, how to tutorials and many more. This community keeps growing and growing, it won’t be long until it will surpass AppCake.
With these platforms you can truly benefit from jailbroken iDevice, so if you haven’t done this yet go ahead and download Pangu iOS 8 jailbreak tool.








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