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appcakeCompared to any other similar platform AppTrackr was a great success in jailbreak community, but sadly it did not benefit by the same life time as the competition. That’s because in 2013 this service was shut down. But why am I speaking of the dead, what was AppTrackr, these are some really good questions. To be brief this platform provided for free any app that you may find in AppStore, yes cracked apps. To elaborate on this answer, was a platform that was launched fill out the need where other platforms did not offer, and that is a trial feature or just like Google Play a refund in 2 hours from purchase for any paid application. Even though developers said that their platform was for testing benefits of paid apps AppTrackr stirred some controversy.

Just like the legend of hydra where “for each head cut off it grew two more”, after AppTrackr shunt down many more installous alternatives appeared. If you are curious about this list here it is AppAddict, AppCake, vShare, iPAStore, HipStore, iFunBox, iPa Cracker.

So if you are thinking of installing one of these platforms I will recommend you should try AppCake. Before you we start how you can get AppCake you will need a jailbroken iDevice as a prerequisite. If you haven’t done this yet download the appropriate jailbreak tool for your iOS version. I suggest you should get the jailbreak tool from Pangu team. Don’t forget to install cydia, in some tools this installation is optional.

Now let’s get back to business by following these steps in order to install AppCake:

Open Cydia and add one these repos:,, To add repo go to Sources > Tap on Edit button on top right > Tap Add button on top left > Input the repo link > Add Source

Now search for the AppSync version corresponding to your iOS and install it

Reboot your device.

After your device boots open Cydia one more time and add this repo too

Search and install AppCake, you should see lots of info flashing on your screen and your devices will reboot.


If all went well you should see the AppCake icon on your Springboard and you are ready to test any app that you want. If you are curious about the interface for this app well it is quite simple and similar to Cydia you will not find yourself lost in it.

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