Best Cydia Apps 2013 – Top 10

ifileIf we start comparing the two stores, Cydia Store and App Store, we will see a huge discrepancy, in terms of apps, tweaks, themes and ringtones. This discrepancy exists because in App Store does not have the last three mentioned. If you want to install these kinds of packages you will need to unlock your device, so in order to remove your limitations from your iPhone or iPad use a jailbreak tool. Remember to tick the installation of Cydia when jailbreaking. If you are having problems finding a jailbreak tool I suggest greenpois0n and absinthe. Enough about this lets focus our attention about what you can find in Cydia. What makes cydia a great 3rd party distribution platform is how easy you can publish an app here. So today we are going to present the top 10 most used apps on the cydia market.


  1. On the first position is that only thing we all need from a device, a file browser. iFile fills in perfectly and now beside the file browsing features you will also get support for your Dropbox account.
  2. Even though Cydia has much to offer, Installulous is that platform that will bring you paid apps for free. To install Installulous you need to add this repo in cydia
  3. biteSMS is one perfect replacement for iMessage. With this you can get extra features like emoticons in message, delayed send, contact pictures in message, quick reply and many more.
  4. Most of you will surely love this one, VLC media is the perfect media player for your jailbroken device.
  5. PKGBackup is that life saver when you restored you device and you have to find and install all those apps and tweaks from cydia. Well this app will help you backup into a cloud or locally all installed cydia packages.
  6. Terminal is that thing for every geek inside us. With this you can run commands and also access root.
  7. If you like playing emulated games you will enjoy Sega Genesis & Sega CD Emulator, like the name is saying this can support the two platforms from Sega.
  8. In case if you don’t have a flashlight Torch App is one simple app that will activate the flash from your device and act like a flashlight not that efficient but practical.
  9. OpenSSH will give you the chance to transfer your files from your PC to your device.
  10. Stride is an app that will add the power of patterns as an unlocking feature.

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