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Zydia App

Zydia App : Download And Install For Your iOS Devices

Zydia App : Download And Install For Your iOS Devices – iOS device owners like to customize their gadgets with ringtones, themes, and tweaks. Many of these are available in the official Apple Appstore but lots more can be found in the internet. Customizing iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches make them more interesting and give them a more personalized look.

The Cydia app is a a gold mine of apps, tweaks and other customization for iDevices. One caveat though – you must jailbreak your iDevice to get Cydia installed. Some users avoid jailbreaking their devices because they don’t want to lose the warranty on their gadgets.

Zydia app

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If you are not one of those adventurous type and consider yourself a bit conservative by securing your warranty, then the Zydia app is for you.

What is Zydia?

From the site itself, Zydia is –

a Cydia alternative (judging by the slightly modified name) for users that don’t want to, don’t know how to, or are unable to jailbreak their iDevices

Like Cydia, Zydia is a repository of app, emulators, games, themes, tweaks and other software for Apple mobile devices. Users can also download “paid” apps for free via Zydia. The best thing of all is you don’t have to jailbreak your gadget to get the Zydia app on your device.

Zydia Features

  • All apps are arranged by categories so users can easily find what they are looking for.
  • Everything in Zydia is “free”, even third-party “paid” apps.
  • It has a very user-friendly interface.
  • Some apps are available nowhere else but Zydia
  • No jailbreak needed to use Zydia

For this article, I am going to show you the easy way to use Zydia app on any of your iDevices.

Zydia App : Download And Install For Your iOS Devices

Just follow the steps below if you want to use Zydia app on your device.

Step 1. Launch the “Safari” internet browser on your device.

Step 2. Key in the following in the URL box :

Step 3. You should now see the “Zydia” homepage.

Zydia app

Step 4. Click on the “Enter Zydia” button. You will taken to all Zydia content.

Zydia app

Step 5. You can choose from or explore the “categories” to see what the Zydia app has in store for you.

Step 6. You can “create” a shortcut for the app/site on your homescreen to get easy access to Zydia anytime.

Complete Zydia Content List

Below you can find the complete Zydia content for every category.


  • Doge Theme
  • Galaxy SIII Icon Pack 1
  • Galaxy SIII
  • Red
  • Sharp
  • Paper
  • Flaterize
  • iMUIU
  • H1
  • BlackOrbs
  • Overdue
  • Glasklart
  •  Soft
  • SoftLight
  • Redux
  • ChocoMilk
  • Cartoon
  • Inv3rt3d

Dock Themes

  • PacDock
  • MarioDock
  • iOS7Dock
  • Upside-Dock
  • AppleLabelDock
  • NoLabelDock
  • Dock Sweeper


  • Many Mo (Online Android Emulator)
  • Ubuntu (Ubuntu Simulator)
  • Emu4iOS Store
  • AVFoundationEditor (iMovie alternative iPad)
  • AirFloat (Airplay device as speaker)
  • DOSPAD (DOS Emulator)
  • FileBrowser (Simple iFile alternative)
  • GearBoy (GB/GBC Emulator)
  • iHasApp (Info about some installed app)
  • iRec (iOS 7+ Screen Recorder)
  • iTransmission (Torrent Client)
  • Nestopia (NES Emulator)
  • NibbleTouch (Apple I Emulator)
  • SiOS (SNES Emulator)
  • Tethering (Tethering via Wi-Fi)
  • GBA4iOS 2.0 (Gameboy Advance Emulator for iOS 7+)
  • GBA4iOS 1.6.2 (Gameboy Advance Emulator)
  • RetroArch (Multi Arcade Emulator)
  • iDOS (Another DOS Emulator)
  • MD.emu (Sega Genesis Emulator)
  • Nescaline (NES Emulator)
  • NDS4iOS (Nintendo DS Emulator)
  • RecordMyScreen (Screen Recorder)
  • SNES4iOS (SNES Emulator)


  • iEmpty (Blank spaces between icons)
  • iCustom (Customize your icons)
  • PassHack (Hide stock apps with a pass)
  • Rag3Hack (Hide stock apps and more)


  • Facetime Diagnostics
  • Bluetooth Diagnostics
  • iCloud Diagnostics
  • iMessage Diagnostics
  • Maps Diagnostics

Siri Alternative

Related Apps

Zydia creator warned that “some” apps and tweaks may not work because of the changes Apple had made to iOS. Also, these apps and tweaks may also not work due to the “various revoked certificates” by Apple. Nothing could be done about these so users are requested NOT to contact Zydia creator about such issues.

There are other Cydia alternatives like  iNoCydia, Mojo Installer, Tweakbox, and Zestia that are similar to Zydia. You can also try these if you want to experience Cydia on your device without jailbreaking it.

The best part after downloading and installing Zydia is adding all the available apps you want from the alternative appstore! Try out new themes for your iDevice or download some tweaks to further enhance the capabilities of your gadgets.

No need to worry of losing your warranty and you can always uninstall the app, game, theme or tweak if you found any of them not to your liking.

Please share this post with your friends if your found it useful. If you have any question or just want to connect with us you can leave a comment below.

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Cydia Download OpenAppMkt

openappmktLately a new platform gained ground in the jailbreak community, it’s simple and fast. From it beside the usual apps you can even download cydia, so without further ado OpenAppMkt is that platform. But what makes it so special? It’s more like a collection of web based apps aka iPhone web apps. This technique will offer any iOS user the possibility to get any app without the need to have a jailbroken iDevice. Similar to the well-known AppStore and a good alternative to Installous but also to vShare and AppCake, OpenAppMkt is on simple to use platform, so simple that you will not need a how-to tutorial.

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HiPStore Download

What is HiPStore?

Developed by Vietnamese developers HiPStore offers a good alternative to Installous software distribution app especially for tablets. For those who did not have the privilege of interacting with Installous but still heard of some other distribution platforms like AppCake source, vShare source or iFunBox this platform offers you to install from another source than App Store to test any kind of apps, even paid ones.

To run HiPStore you will need an iOS 6 or higher jailbroken iDevice. So let’s begin.


How to Download and Install HIPStore iOS 9 for iPad without Jailbreak

HipStore is free paid app client similar to vShare and Installous that basically allows you to download and install some paid apps or cracked iOS apps. Tipically HipStore can be installed on any jailbroken iOS device from the Cydia App Store. For now there is no jailbreak available for iOS 9 and we’ll gonna try to install HipStore without cydia or jailbreak.

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Automatic Re-Sign Yalu Jailbreak iOS 10.2 Quick Tweak

Still waiting for iOS 10.3.1 Jailbreak? Stuck with re-signing iOS 10.2 Jailbreak on your computer with Cydia Impactor?… This article is what it’s all about…

Within Cydia you can find a package called Extender Installer, this Cydia tweak will put the days of signing with a computer behind.

This cydia app not only allows yo to resign Yalu Jailbreak, but it can sign it before it expires automatically for you. So forget all about signing or using your computer to do this with this tweak.

How to Re-Sign Yalu 10.2 Jailbreak Automatically Cydia Extender Installer

  1. Open Cydia and tap on the Sources tab
  2. Edit an then Add source:
  3. Search for Extender Installer and Install
  4. Open Extender from your home screen
  5. Sign in with your Apple ID from the more tab(if you can just use a newly created Apple ID just to be sure)
  6. In the same More tab you can find the Re-sign Application When option that will help you accomplish all of the above
  7. You’ll get a notification every time Extender Installer signs automatically for you… hope you enjoyed

This is a very powerful Cydia app that was developed based on Cydia Extender but with “More” options;). Also check the Installed tab, here you can view sideloaded apps on your device and also the last sign date.

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vShare Download iOS 10

By updating iOS 10.1 to iOS 10.3 you lose the ability to jailbreak your device because Apple has patched the exploits of TaiG Jailbreak Tool in the previous version iOS 10.1. The conclusion for many is no more cydia for a while in iOS 10 and even no more vShare or AppAddict. This article covers the use of vShare to download and install cracked iOS 9 apps without Cydia and Jailbreak.vshare-ios9

How to Download vShare iOS 9 NO Jailbreak

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