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Where To Download Cydia

Where To Download Cydia : Get Cydia On Your iDevices

Where To Download Cydia : Get Cydia On Your iDevicesCydia is an app manager for iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches created and developed by Jay Freeman. The program allows users with jailbroken iDevices to download and install free and paid software not available from the official Appstore. Cydia allows users to control the downloadable content on their devices by adding or deleting repositories. Also called “sources“, these host packages that may include apps, extensions, ringtones, themes, tweaks, etc…

Below are some of the popular “repos” on/or can be added to Cydia:

Check your Cydia sources and freely add the above to get more out of Cydia.

where to download cydia

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The main reason iDevice owners jailbreak their gadgets is to get Cydia and all the goodies that come with the app. Most jailbreak tools install Cydia automatically with the jailbreak process. You will not have any problem finding where to download Cydia with these jailbreak tools.

Cydia download and installation depends on the iOS installed and the device being jailbroken. For this post we are going to find out where to download Cydia and how to install it on your devices.

Where To Download Cydia : Get Cydia On Your iDevices

It’s not a matter of knowing where to download Cydia but more of knowing what jailbreak tool to use with your iOS/device combination. As mentioned before, the jailbreak tool you use will depend on the iOS version installed on your particular device.

There are four ways to get Cydia on your devices. You can follow the method that correspond to the iOS running on your gadget.

Method 1Pangu or Yalu Jailbreak Tool for both Windows and Mac. This is compatible with iOS 7 up to iOS 11.

Method 2Taig Jailbreak Tool for both Windows and Mac. This is compatible with iOS 8 up to iOS 9.

Method 3Evasion Jailbreak Tool for iOS 7 only.

Where To Download Cydia

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Install Cydia On Your iOS 11 Devices

Method 1 – Yalu Jailbreak Tool

Downloading and installing Cydia on your devices running iOS 11 is easy if you follow our guide below. This method (1) uses the Yalu jailbreak created by Luca Todesco to gain administrative access on your device. Before you jailbreak your device, please take note of the following:

  • Yalu supports devices from the iPhone 5S and up.
  • Cydia Impactor is needed to install Yalu on your device so you must have a valid Apple ID.
  • The Yalu jailbreak is a semi-untethered thus it must be reactivated every time you reboot.
  • You also need to do Step 6 and up every 7 days if you used a free Apple ID.

where to download cydia

Follow the steps below to get Cydia on your compatible device.

Step 1. Click this link to download the Yalu.ipa on your computer.

Step 2. Download Cydia Impactor to your your computer by clicking on this link.

Step 3. Disable “Find my iPhone/iPad” on your device. To do this go to “Settings” >”iCloud” > “Find my iPhone/iPad“. Toggle the switch to “Off” position.

Step 4. Disable “Touch ID” and “Passcode“. Go to “Touch ID & Passcode“.

Step 5. Launch the latest version of “iTunes” on your computer.

Step 6. Connect your iDevice to your computer and launch Cydia Impactor.

Step 7. Drag the Yalu.ipa file you downloaded in Step 1 into the open Cydia Impactor windows.

Step 8. You will be prompted for your Apple ID. Type it in the provided space.

Step 9. Yalu jailbreak will be sideloaded to your device via Cydia Impactor.

Step 10. Go to “Settings” > “General” > “Profiles & Device Management“. Look for the Yalu app (mach_portal) and tap the “trust” button besides it.

Step 11. Tap on the mach_portal icon on your home screen to launch the jailbreak. It may take several minutes for the process to finish.

Step 12. You can now enjoy your newly jailbroken device with Cydia automatically installed.

You can watch the video below to see how the process is done.

Method 2 – Taig Jailbreak Tool

This method will use the Taig Jailbreak Tool and is compatible for iOS 8 up to iOS 9. There is a version both for the PC and Windows.

Follow the steps below to jailbreak and install Cydia using Taig Jailbreak Tool on Windows. Always backup  your device before you proceed with the procedure.

Step 1. Download the Taig Jailbreak Tool for Windows or Mac.

Step 2. Disable “Find My iPhone” feature on your device. To do this, go to “Settings“>”iCloud“>”Find My iPhone“. Turn off the “Find My iPhone” toggle switch. You will be prompted for your Apple ID password.

Step 3. Passcode and Touch ID unlock must also be disabled.

Step 4. Connect your iDevice to your computer then open the Taig Jailbreak Tool.

where to download cydia

Step 5. Taig will identify and recognize your device. Make sure that the “Cydia” check box is ticked. Click on the “Start” button to begin the jailbreak process.

Step 6. Let the tool finish its job and after a few minutes you will have a jailbroken iDevice. Look for the Cydia icon to confirm the jailbreak.

Step 7. You can now enable the “Find My iPhone”, “Passcode” and “Touch ID” features which you previously disabled.

The video below shows you how the process is done.

Method 3 – Evasion Jailbreak Tool

where to download cydia

You can jailbreak and install Cydia on your compatible device using our Evasion guide which you can access from here.

Watch how Evasion does its magic in the video below.

There you have it, folks. Now you know where to download Cydia so you can download and install it on your iDevices.

If you encounter any problem in getting Cydia on your iPhone, iPad or iPad or you want to connect with us, please leave a comment below. Also, please share this post with your friends if you found it useful.

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HiPStore Download

What is HiPStore?

Developed by Vietnamese developers HiPStore offers a good alternative to Installous software distribution app especially for tablets. For those who did not have the privilege of interacting with Installous but still heard of some other distribution platforms like AppCake source, vShare source or iFunBox this platform offers you to install from another source than App Store to test any kind of apps, even paid ones.

To run HiPStore you will need an iOS 6 or higher jailbroken iDevice. So let’s begin.


How to Download and Install HIPStore iOS 9 for iPad without Jailbreak

HipStore is free paid app client similar to vShare and Installous that basically allows you to download and install some paid apps or cracked iOS apps. Tipically HipStore can be installed on any jailbroken iOS device from the Cydia App Store. For now there is no jailbreak available for iOS 9 and we’ll gonna try to install HipStore without cydia or jailbreak.

Read More

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Cydia CCQuick Pro X Download for iOS 10.3

CCQuick has been updated to the 10th version for iOS 10, so if you’ve got a jailbreak iPhone or iPad you can install CCQuick Pro version from Cydia’s AppStore.

Pro or version 10 is not free anymore, but even if it’s payed you’re getting loads of stuff for what you’re paying. Now you can customize everything, from the Control Center to the status bar and touch gestures.

No matter you jailbreaked with Pangu or Yalu, this Cydia Tweak allows you to manage and customize your iOS device.

A few things to get you started fast, open Cydia and search for CCQuick, select and install. Open the Settings app and at the bottom you’ll see CCQuick customizations settings. Here you can activate Status bar gestures and hide and change elements for the Control Center.

Don’t back down, search for it on Cydia, it’s just $2.99, if you can’t find it, make sure you have the Big Boss repo in your Cydia Sources.

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Automatic Re-Sign Yalu Jailbreak iOS 10.2 Quick Tweak

Still waiting for iOS 10.3.1 Jailbreak? Stuck with re-signing iOS 10.2 Jailbreak on your computer with Cydia Impactor?… This article is what it’s all about…

Within Cydia you can find a package called Extender Installer, this Cydia tweak will put the days of signing with a computer behind.

This cydia app not only allows yo to resign Yalu Jailbreak, but it can sign it before it expires automatically for you. So forget all about signing or using your computer to do this with this tweak.

How to Re-Sign Yalu 10.2 Jailbreak Automatically Cydia Extender Installer

  1. Open Cydia and tap on the Sources tab
  2. Edit an then Add source:
  3. Search for Extender Installer and Install
  4. Open Extender from your home screen
  5. Sign in with your Apple ID from the more tab(if you can just use a newly created Apple ID just to be sure)
  6. In the same More tab you can find the Re-sign Application When option that will help you accomplish all of the above
  7. You’ll get a notification every time Extender Installer signs automatically for you… hope you enjoyed

This is a very powerful Cydia app that was developed based on Cydia Extender but with “More” options;). Also check the Installed tab, here you can view sideloaded apps on your device and also the last sign date.

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How to Download AppCake on iOS 9

Since Installous is no more, most of us wonder what other alternatives to it are out there. Well the answer is simple, in terms of functionality AppCake is the closest as it can get. Some say it’s more like a clone of Installous. And this is not all, you will be pleased to hear that the latest beta of AppCake v4.80 will run on any iOS 9 jailbroken devices. If you want to get AppCake you should know that there are two ways, one is via Cydia and the other way is without Cydia.

What is AppCake?

The most used Cydia cracked AppStore for jailbroken iPhone, iPad or iPod is definitely AppCake, the greatest Installous alternative available for download. AppCake is developed by the team and is available just for jailbreak users with cydia installed on their iDevices. As Installous, AppCake let’s you find many of the paid apps out there for download free of charge. This is a free repo to allow to install cracked IPA files.


AppCake feautures

Sharing free cracked apps for iPhone or iPad is now made easier with AppCake using Air Drop Sharing to transfer from one device to another the previously downloaded IPA files. AppCake now let’s you know when an update is available for your downloaded apps. 

Because of the big community behind AppCake now anybody can request or submit an app.

Requirements to download and install AppCake:

  • a jailbroken iPhone/iPad/iPod
  • Cydia installed
  • AppSync installed
  • Wi-Fi enabled on the device

How to Download and Install AppCake

Follow these three easy steps to download and install AppCake Source/Repo:

  1. In Cydia go to Manage / Sources / Edit and Add and enter the AppCake repo:
  2. Search for AppCake in Cydia
  3. Install the correct version for your iOS device and ENJOY

I personally use AppCake as a reliable source for cracked apps for my iDevice in order to test them. AppCake is very stable and it should work ok but the apps installed trough AppCake are not guaranteed to work or not to harm your device. If you want to have always the latest version of an app installed just buy the app in Apple’s AppStore after testing it.

So if you have jailbroken your iOS 9 device and opted for Cydia install you will need first to add repo. You can do this by entering Cydia, then tap Manage, now Sources, then hit Edit and now tap on Add button. Here you will input “” and the repo by taping Add Source. Now you can search and install AppCake via Cydia.


Install AppCake without Cydia

If you just want to jailbreak and install AppCake without Cydia follow these easy steps:

  1. You will need to jailbreak your iOS 9 device. You can do this with Pangu tool which is only for Windows users. So if you are a Mac user you will need to setup a windows running virtual machine. So download Pangu tool and start jailbreaking.
  2. After jailbreaking you will need to install OpenSSH via Pangu app on your SpringBoard.
  3. Now you can download and install AppCake by using this link >
  4. Now we need the help of another app, a SFTP client which CyberDuck SFTP Client should do the trick nicely. To connect to our device we need to find its IP address. You can do this by going into Settings > Wi-FI. Now input the address in CyberDuck SFTP Client and install AppCake via CyberDuck
  5. In CyberDuck click Go > Send Command and input the following command line “dpkg –install AppCake4.80.deb” and then click Send
  6. Still in CyberDuck click Go > Send Command and type “reboot” and click Send.


If all went well your device should be rebooting and you will find in SpringBoard AppCake. If you are having some issues seeing AppCake don’t get freaked out there is a solution for this too. Using CyberDuck click Go > Send Command and type “su -c uicache mobile” right about now you will be prompted by an error, just ignore it, then reboot.

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