Cydia, a thorough walktrough

You found a tutorial and chosen the path of jailbreaking but here everything is easy, because you only need to follow those steps. But what about cydia, are there any tutorials on that? Well no, so because of this today we are going to give more attention to this subject. Before we jump in we need to know first what cydia is. Developed by Jay Freeman aka Saurik, cydia provides a GUI to install software packages not present in App Store using APT (Advanced Packaging Tool).

When you start cydia for the first time don’t get alarmed if you get warning messages regarding upgrading some features. You can always choose to Upgrade Essential or Ignore, but is best to upgrade. After upgrading you will need to re-open cydia.

cydia sections

Cydia’s interface has five tabs Home, Sections, Changes, Manage, Search and by default when you always open cydia you will be greeted by the home screen.

Next in line is Sections where all the packages are sorted by categories. This is good if you like to browse between them and check their details. If liked it you can always of to install it right away.In the Home you can manage your cydia account. Even though there are a lot of free apps you can find also paid ones so for this to manage your paid apps you will need an account. Here you can also find guides or install a repo.

We continue with Changes, a section where we find out if there is an upgrade for an installed package or new package arrivals to cydia world sorted by date.

cydia manage

Manage tab is a little bit more complex compared to other tabs. Here you will find three options Packages, Sources and Storage. Packages will let view, reinstall or uninstall packages that you installed via cydia. Sources, well this function will help you manage all repos, you can view, add or remove repositories from here. Repositories are lists of software packages from groups of developers or communities. If you want to add a repo in Manage section tap Sources then Edit followed by Add and right about now you will input the APT url of your repo and finish the adding process by tapping Add Source. Storage is a function that will inform you about all the storage usage of cydia.

cydia repo

And the last function that doesn’t need any explaining is Search.

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