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First of all let’s get some things straight. If you jailbreak you are not bound to use only Cydia, you will be pleased to hear that there are other alternatives that offer packages like free apps and tweaks. Some of these cydia alternatives can offer free apps or cracked apps whatever you want to call them without the need of a jailbroken device making these the perfect alternatives.  icy

The list is simple, here’s a list of 5 cydia alternatives:


Because it’s an open source platform the majority of apps that you will find here are free. Using this source you will help you get apps even if you don’t have a jailbroken device.


Another alternative that will let you have free iPhone apps on your non-jailbroken device. Hence the name, this Chinese app will let you search and install any app. There is no need for an Apple ID and all apps can be managed from windows explorer.


iNoCydia is a quick, customizable and easy to use cydia alternative. Developed by GamingWtihViro and hosted by Emu4iOS, iNoCydia 3.0 offers just like the previous two the possibility to download and customize your iDevice without the need of jailbreak, Cydia or a PC. Even the name suggest the lack of these dependencies.

Custom iOS

The perfect platform to customize your iDevice. Tor this there is no need to jailbreak.

Apple App Store

I know you are surprised to see this here. But if you don’t know the history, Cydia appeared before App Store on iOS 1.0.0 and this was what inspired Apple, this making it an alternative to Cydia. Like every platform that you check you will see that each one has apps that the others don’t.

Regarding Custom iOS, iNoCydia and iOSEmulatorSpot there are mixed opinions regarding the lack of games but I’ll leave that to you to decide if they worth keeping.

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