Top 10 Best Cydia Apps for iOS 8 in 2015

Pangu’s jailbreak tool for iOS 8 and 8.1 caught by surprise the entire jailbreak community, starting with developers who are rushing to update they packages and make them work on iOS 8 to users who don’t know what to install because of compatibility problems. If you haven’t jailbroken your device maybe the following list will change your mind. I know that most of you Google to download free cydia apps but not all free apps and tweaks are good, there are also paid apps that are worth the money. So today’s list will be a mixture of apps and tweaks also paid and free.

The Best Cydia Apps



  1. Barrel

Barrel is a well-known tweak that adds animation for your page transition of your home screen. Because it has a huge animation list and it also never missed a top 10 cydia tweaks since iOS 6 Barrel deserves the first place of our list.

Barrel is a part of the BigBoss repo and costs $2.99


  1. Winterboard

Need to change the look ofyour device? No problem Winterboard is here to help you with that. This tweak will change the theme, icons, background and many other visual customizable elements of you iDevice.winterboardx

If you want to download it this tweak is in the BigBoss repo and it’s free.


  1. Activator

Lately Apple implemented lots of new features in the new iOS 8 but still doesn’t compare with what Activator does. Activator is a tweak that works on how you interact with your iDevice. For example with the combination of hardware buttons or gestures you can toggle, change or launch settings or any other app.

This tweak is free and it’s in the BigBoss repo.


  1. Bytafont 2

We talked about appearance and functionality but not about fonts, well with Bytafont 2 you can change the default font of you iPhone, iPod and/or iPad. The only downside to this tweak is that it doesn’t come loaded with fonts, you must download separately.

Bytafont is in BigBoss repo and it’s free.



  1. Zepplin

This tweak belongs in appearance category and can help you change the carrier logo, hide it or add a custom text.

This tweak can be found in ModMyi for free.


  1. SaveGram

This tweak is very common among Instagram users because the only way of saving a photo from Instagram is by capturing the screen and crop the photo. Well with this tweak this problem is solved. The procedure is simple tap the photo and video and then tap the Save button.

You can get this from BigBoss repo for free.


  1. FroceReach

This tweak is designed for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus which will enable you to reach elements from the top of your screen without so much effort. This tweak will invoke the top of the screen with a simple double tap on the TouchID, it will also remove the timeout and help access Reachability also in landscape mode.forcereach-ios8

This is in the BigBoss repo also you can get it for free.


  1. NoSlowAnimation

Need your animation to run faster and smoothly? NoSlowAnimation is the right thing for you. With it you can smooth zoom in zoom out function or the transition and animation of drop Notification Center, Task Switcher or home screen pages.

Look for it because it’s free and it’s in the BigBoss repo.


  1. Alkaline

Need to customize the icons on the statusbar? No problem, Alkaline does this with no problems. You can choose from a variety of themes and the status bar is as good as new.alkaline_ios8

ModMyi is the place so go and get it for free.


  1. StatusHUD 2

This tweak can remove or edit that annoying volume bar or icon of Volume HUD. This is perfect if you want to change the volume without any visual interruption.

BigBoss hosts this tweak and it’s free.


As you can see this list contains plenty of free download cydia tweaks and this way let’s just say that I made my point on why you should jailbreak.

Happy downloading!


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