What is Cydia and How to Use Cydia

So you’ve just jailbroken your device an you want to know about Cydia, what it is, how to use it. Today I’m going to tell you. What is cydia? Cydia is an app store for jailbroken devices and is the secondary app store where you can get all kind of 3rd party custom apps after you jailbreak and jailbreaking is the only way to get Cydia on your device. Cydia is where you download, install and manage everything on your jailbroken device. Cydia is the only visual difference between a jailbroken and a non jailbroken device. The non jailbroken device does not have Cydia the jailbroken device does. That’s the only differance for a new Cydia user. A good analogy is to look at your device as a town, and this town has a mall. And this mall is where you get everything that you can put on your device and that mall is the Apple App Store. And when you jailbreak your device it’s like getting a second mall put in that town. So now you have the old mall (the Apple App Store) and the new mall, Cydia, where you can get everything that old mall does not offer. So that’s basically what Cydia is. It’s like  a secondary app store and it’s only available for jailbroken users. So now we have an idea of what Cydia is. Now let’s go into it and see how it works and how to use it. When you first open up Cydia you’ll see the home screen, and this has all kinds of different information and you can see a list of featured and popular apps for jailbroken devices that you can get trough Cydia. And it also has a User Guide section where you can learn more about Cydia and jailbreaking. Also from the home screen you can manage your account – your Cydia account. Your Cydia account is authenticated through either Google or Facebook. So if you have a Google account or Facebook account you can go ahead and authenticate it through Cydia and you can measure your account from there. That way if you buy certain apps through Cydia you will always have that in your account so you don’t have to buy itagain when you get a new device. The second area of Cydia is the Sections area. This is basically the categories of everything that’s offered through Cydia – all the apps, allthe tweaks, all the themes. It’s listed by categories, and it’s a long list so I usually don’t spend my time in here. But just know the Sections is the categories of everything that’s offered by Cydia. Let’s go ahead and go over how to install an app or tweak or anything from Cydia. So you’re at the sections, you click on a Section and you tap on an app or tweak that you find. It brings you to the app’s page. If you tap on the Install button on the top right you can install from there. And you can see more details about the app such as screenshots and the developer. Moving along to the Changes section, this is where you can see all the upgrades and updates for all your apps that are offered by your sources that are installed on your device. So it’s basically like the Updates section in the regular Apple App Store. The Installed section shows you every app that is installed on your device through Cydia. And here you can reinstall or remove any app by tapping on it and clicking the Modify button in the top right hand corner. The Installed section is basically where you manage all your apps that are installed on your device via Cydia. So this brings us to the Sources section, and Sources are also called Repo’s or repositories. Sources, repo, repositories are all the same thing. Cydia comes with default sources so let’s go back to our mall analogy. So if Cydia is a mall well the sources are the individual stores within that mall. Cydia comes with default stores installed where you can get almost any app. But if there’s an app or tweak out there that comes from a different source you  can add it within the Sources section. Sources are basically the host of every app that youcan install. It’s where you download and install the apps from. So whatever source you have in Cydia you can get any app from that source. And last but not least we have the Search area, and this is where you can search for any app or tweak within Cydia, within allof your sources. So it searches any source that you have in Cydia, it searches that source for whatever you’re searching for. So this is where I install most of my apps because if you know the name you can just search for it. And it does a great job at indexing the sources that you have so you can find that app really quickly. And another thing about apps, if it’s in blue that means it’s a paid app and you can purchase it. Cydia accepts two different forms of payments. You can pay either through Amazon or PayPal. And buying apps through Cydia is as safe as buying through any other website online. So if you buy from eBay you can buy from Cydia. So those are all the basic things you need to know about Cydia to get you up and running and installing apps and tweaks and themes and customizing the heck out of your device. Make sure you subscribe to my channel. I’ll be coming out with videos over the best tweaks for your jailbroken device. I hope this video helped.I hope you learned a little bit more about Cydia. Thank you so much for watching. Keep having fun out there. I’ll talk to you guys and girls later.

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