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I think you’ve ended up here because you want to download cydia or update cydia. Let’s clear things out. Cydia Installer is the App within cydia that can update cydia(so it updates it’s self). Cydia Installer can be used both for installing cydia and update cydia. Cydia Installer comes as a .deb file and can be installed with or without cydia installed. I know it’s confusing, but treat it like a setup or installation  file (.msi/.exe whatever). If you want to Install Cydia you can use the cydia setup (or cydia installer in our case). If you have cydia installed and run the setup file again it’s like an update or repair cydia.cydia-upgrade

Let’s get straight to the chase… to download and install cydia you have to jailbreak your device. This is mandatory, because Apple doesn’t allow you to mess around with it’s iOS and AppStore Apps. Jailbreaking means you get Root Access to your iPhone, iPad or any iOS Device. Apple has to protect some interests here so it cuts your freedom to do whatever you want with your iOS Device.On you can find lot’s of great and simple tutorials on how to jailbreak, download and install cydia.reinstall-cydia

All of the Jailbreaking Tools available out there come with Cydia preinstalled. If you have jailbroken your device and you don’t find cydia or deleted cydia from whatever reason and want it back the simplest way is to restore your iPhone and re-jailbreak it. You can’t do much with a jailbroken device if you don’t have Cydia installed.cydia-1.1.23

If you are still reading this means i have to show you how to install or reinstall cydia .deb file. I previously told you that cydia .deb package can be installed with or without cydia and this can accomplished with various tools in different ways.

Use iFile for Cydia Installer

Executing or running a .deb file you must have a jailbroken iOS device and a trigger, in this case iFile. iFile is like windows explorer or Mac’s Finder, from within iFile you can browse and run deb files. Don’t have it installed go to iFile Download Page. Download the latest cydia installer deb package from the cydia download page.

Skip iFile and use:

HipStore – it’s an iTunes Alternative that allows you to manage you iPhone, iPod and iPad and let’s you install all the apps you need for free

iFunBox – it’s a .deb installer and it works great. To fix some cydia bugs i’ve used iFunBox to reinstall cydia.

Moborobo – heard of it but I didn’t used it. It’s a new tool with some cool functions, with this you can install not only deb files but also IPA files(iFile can install IPA apps too).


To Jailbreak and/or Download Cydia go to here.

To Fix Cydia Bugs go to here.

For Cydia Sources iOS 8.4 go to here.

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