Top 10 iOS 9 Cydia Sources

With the new Pangu 9 Jailbreak Tool for iOS 9, a lot of cydia apps, tweaks and sources were launched. In this article we’ll talk about the latest best cydia sources/repos for iOS 9, iOS 9.0.2 and iOS 9.0.1.ios9-cydia-sources

Best Cydia Repos iOS 9 Late 2015

CoolStar Repo

The coolStar Cydia Sources is meant for advanced users, lots of advances tweaks and apps can be downloaded with this repo like command line tools and technical packages.


Official F.lux Repo

Do you know the F.lux tweak? It’s the best all rounder for enhancing the user interface experience of any iOS device. Now the F.lux beta is available for iOS 9 from this source and also other many cool iOS 9 cydia tweaks.


Philip Wong’s Repo

Philip Wong is the developer of the popular package, Speed Intensifier, that speeds up the iOS UI, improves animations and transitions. Now, Speed Intensifier, is also iOS 9 jailbreak compatible.


CP Digital Darkroom Repo

Yes now, not for only iPad Air 2, iPad Pro and iPad mini 4, you can get the multitasking package, Medusa, that activates PiP(Picture-in-Picture) and SbS(Side-by-Side, Split View) to other iOS 9 compatible devices. 3D Touch to the mainstream with the Quick Actions menu.


iMokhles Repo

Here you can find the RevealMenu package for iOS 9, don’t need an iPhone 6S or iPhone 6S Plus to use force touch with this tweak. So 3D Touch/Force Touch for older iOS 9 devices.


HASHBANG Productions Repo

This is a general use repo that has one of the bigest collections of cydia tweaks and apps. Now from the release of iOS 9 Jailbreak lots of these pachages have confirmed iOS compatibility (ex. DailyPaper, BrightVol, StoreAlert and MapsOpener).


Repo Forty Six and Two

Now a very well known cydia source, but we have to thank them for Hapticle, that emulates Apple’s Taptic Engine in older iOS 9 devices.


Karen’s Pineapple Repo

AngelXwind or Karan is a well known cydia developer has managed to pull a cydia source for advanced users with some great cydia packages like SafariSaver, PreferenceOrganizer 2, AppSync Unified and Ineffective Power. Squeeze the most from your iOS 9 device with Karen’s Pineapple Source.


iCleaner Pro Repo

Yes iCleaner Pro tweak for iOS 9 thanks to Ivano Bilenchi. Now he has launcher he’s second beta repo(for “bleeding edge software”), yes, it isn’t stable it’s a beta cydia repo but it let’s you test the newest iOS 9 packages.

Stable url:
Beta url:

Ryan Petrich’s Repo

The personal Ryan Petrich cydia source, from the developer of Activator and other cool cydia apps. He has managed to use all the latest Apple technologies within he’s apps, so with this repo you’ll be future ready to do more with your iPhone or iPad running iOS 9.


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