Get Cash and Diamons in Hay Day iPhone Cheat Cydia Tweaks

There are lots of games that are launched in AppStore but only a few end up having a big success. Even though some are for a small period like FlappyBird but some will have much longer period to be more exact years. One of these games that I’m talking about is Hay Day. Even though there were other apps similar to this like FarmVille from zynga, this farming game is quite addictive. Developed by Supercell and launched in 2012 Hay Day and another app generate $30 million/month and in 2013 occupied 4th place in top games for the most revenue generated worldwide. Because of its high success on iOS Supercell also released an android version.


The game is simple, it starts with a short story about “your uncle” who owns a farm and he can’t take care of it no more and ask the user to take over. Basically this how you end up owning a farm or should I say a Hay Day farm.

This is a game that uses leveling so this is an Experience Points game. Where by doing chores in the virtual farm you will be rewarded with goodies, cash or points. But when everything starts being addictive you will see that you don’t have enough cash or diamonds and in order to have more of these you must pay real money. In other words one addictive game and IAP system result in one nasty beating for your wallet. No wonder that the company has this huge revenue from only two apps.



So if you have a Hay Day habit and spend too much time and money in this game you will pleased to hear that there are Cash and Diamond hacks for Hay Day. Getting a cydia tweak you first need to have your iDevice jailbroken and then check if you have Cydia installed. After you have installed Cydia beside the standard repositories try adding more of them. This will ensure that you will have a wide variety of apps and tweaks in cydia. After you have added more repos now you can search that much needed tweak Hay Day Diamond Hack. It will appear on the first position, tap on it and hit Install. Now you can add as much you want cash and diamonds in Hay Day.

As you can see there are lots of benefits if you have a jailbroken device.

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7 thoughts on “Get Cash and Diamons in Hay Day iPhone Cheat Cydia Tweaks

  1. please I wanna hay day hack using cydia for ios 8.4 please .
    replay me with a clear answer as soon as you can, I am waiting .

    1. Me too I’ve been dying for a hay day hack, and I’m iOS 8.4 too. It doesn’t say high source you need though to download it

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