How to download and install Zeusmos from Cydia

zeusmos_2With every new iOS version we see lots of new paid and free apps that flood App Store. But sadly most of us find themselves in a dilemma when it comes to paid apps. Even though there are also free versions of those paid apps for testing purposes not all developers go for this kind of tactics so in this case we end up with a huge number of iDevice users who are disappointed because they made a bad choice when they bought an app. But don’t worry there is a way to test these kind of apps. In the first years of Cydia there was a 3rd party distribution platform for cydia cracked apps, it was called Installous, even though it was the jailbreak communities’ fav app this platform did not lasted long, so others apperad, like vShare, AppCake and many more.




Today we are going to talk about a new rising star, this distribution platform is called Zeusmos. Zeusmos runs on any iDevice running iOS 5 or higher and has a huge database of ipa files. So let’s not waste much more time and present you a step by step guide starting with jailbreaking your device and finishing with the installation of Zuesmos.


  1. We start by jailbreaking your device with Pangu jailbreak tool for iOS 8 or evasi0n for iOS 7.
  2. Download Cydia via Pangu tool
  3. Once jailbroken and Cydia installed in order to install and run Zeusmos we need AppSync. Before we install AppSync we need to add the repo containing it into cydia. You can do this by going into Manage > Sources > tap Edit button on the top right > tap Add button on the top left > now input this url and click Add Sources. Now in cydia search for AppSync and install the appropriate version for your iOS.
  4. To install Zeusmos we need to add another repo. By repeating the steps of adding a repo from step 3 add this url to Cydia Once you added the repo we can search and install Zeusmos.

If you followed by the book all the steps from this tutorial you should enjoy the pleasures that this platform can offer. You can basically install and test any app you want.

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