How to Get Paid Cydia Apps for Free

Before the jailbreak procedure was introduced there was no way of installing paid apps for free or should I say any kind of app. Apple has a strict policy when it comes to apps or its devices. Many users seen the jailbreak procedure more like a divine intervention also a new hope for developers who weren’t that lucky with their apps getting that approval to be shown in App Store. So jailbreaking you get the chance of installing apps or any other 3rd party packages that Apple will not show in a million years in its AppStore and that are tweaks and themes.


If you haven’t done this yet don’t go crawling under a rock thinking it’s a nasty and hard procedure. Whoever told you this misguided you, so get your how to jailbreak iOS 8 tutorial and fire that baby away. With all the search, reading and procedure it should not take more than 10 min.

The following steps are for those who already have a jailbroken device, cydia installed and want to get to the best part free paid apps. So let’s begin with step 2, I am joking step 1:

Step 1 Open Cydia and upgrade all its components if you get a screen with cydia upgrades.

Step 2 Once Cydia is open on your screen you will see on the bottom side a menu with 5 tabs Cydia, Sections, Changes, Manage and Search. Tap Manage.

Step 3 After tapping Manage you will get a screen with 3 huge buttons Packages, Sources and Storage. Tap Source. If you are not that familiar with Cydia you are wondering why you need to go here. Well this is simple without the sources Cydia is merely an empty shell, where sources are the catalogs of the packages that developers created.cydia_sources

Step 4 In Sources you will find a list with the default repo / sources that came with cydia. Now tap Edit on the top right corner then the ADD button on the top left corner and input one the following urls or and tap Add Source. This will add the Xsellize repo to Cydia.

Step 5 You will get a warning message were you will need click Add Anyway. After this you just have to wait for cydia to load the repo.

xsellize_repoStep 6 To search for a app, game or tweak you simply touch Search tab and tap on the tweak, app that you want to install. You will find that search will be reporting multiple items a paid and free version of the package you want to install. You simply click on the free one.

Step 7 Once you have tapped on the free app that you want to install you will be prompted with the screen of the app, Tap the Install button on the top right corner.

These free packages are the real deal of the paid versions but it is wise to use them just to test the functions and see if they are worth their money.

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