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Looking for another Installous alternative, iFunBox could be the answer. After closing the cydia.hackulo.us the jailbreaking community responded with various installous alternatives like HipStore and OpenAppMKT. Downloading and installing cracked apps on computers and mobile devices is illegal as you know, but many users want to try before they buy an app.ifunbox

iFunBox Key Features

Not just an Installous alternative but even an iTunes alternative. The iFunBox works both on your iOS device and Computer (PC or Mac). This tool allows you to backup, sync and transfer files back and forth from PC/Mac to iPhones, iPads and iPods. Works well on iOS 8 and even on iOS 9 (tested on beta versions of iOS 9 on test devices of the Jailbreak Developers – so it’s iOS 9 ready/capable).

How to Download and Install iFunBox

  • Go to http://www.i-funbox.com/en_download.html and download iFunBox according to the platform you’re using Windows/Mac. On Windows there is a portable version for those not willing to install on PC.
  • Connect your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch to Mac/PC via USB cable.
  • Run iFunBox and select your device from the available Tabs.
  • Click on “Install App” in the top left. This will download and install the iFunBox IPA file.

How to use iFunBox

  • You must have Cydia installed. To download Cydia you must follow the jailbreak guide.
  • If installing iFunBox on your device from computer didn’t work check you have installed Cydia AppSync.
  • To push IPA files to your iPhone/iPad/iPod you must have installed iFileExpress or Cydia iFile.
  • Launch iFunBox and download cracked cydia apps for free.

Cracked iPhone Apps

  • Pros: it’s free and you can test the app first prior buying.
  • Cons: it isn’t safe, legal and you don’t get always the latest version of the app in question.

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