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Final versions of the newest iOS 9 are now available for download. You can also download and install iOS 9 OTA but this can keep a lot of garbage files from previous iOS 8 and iOS 8 apps installations. If the update count badge hasn’t appeared on your homescreen settings icon just go to Settings / General / Software update, the update to iOS 9 will show up and just tap on Download and Install. Remember that iOS 9 is available just for iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 and of course preinstalled on iPhone

Down below you have a list of iOS 9 IPSW files available for download according to your iOS device. iOS 9 is also available for iPad mini 1/2/3, iPad 2/3, iPad 4th gen, Air 1 and Air 2.

The purpose of this article is to speed up your iDevice by doing a clean and full install of iOS 9 and not just an update from iOS 8.4.1 and keeping all the dumped data. Not even updating to iOS 9 and then full resetting your device to factory settings won’t do the job.

Before you start you have to backup all your data, contacts, photos, docs, etc with iTunes or direct on iCloud. For your photos we suggest Google Photos (it’s free/unlimited and it’s a google reliable service).

The clean install is a must when a major release of iOS is rolling out.

Download and Install iOS 9

  1. Download and install the latest version of iTunes.
  2. Download the iOS 9 IPSW file according to your device
  3. Turn OFF Find My iPhone from Settings / iCloud / Find My iPhone
  4. Connect to computer via USB and launch iTunes
  5. Click on Summary under Settings from the left side menu
  6. Hold Shift on PC or Alt on Mac and click on Restore iPhone
  7. You’ll be prompted to select the previously downloaded iOS 9 IPSW file
  8. Let iTunes finish and afterwards finish the wizard on the device.

iOS IPSW Download Links

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