Download iOS 9.0.1 IPSW

A week from the iOS 9 launch iOS 9.0.1 was released to patch some problems. Among the change log there are some major bug fixes. The most important problem was that many users couldn’t even install iOS 9 because the setup was getting stuck on a Slide to Upgrade.ios-9.0.1

Other silly bugs on the list… apple couldn’t get even the alarm to work… that’s hilarious for a big company in 2015. How can you screw up something that worked well from the first iPhone or something that simple.

I don’t know how apple’s development team gets the work done… it clearly rewrote all the code… and for what… performance on older devices?!!? they now work slower than ever. In other terms iCydiaBlog Team didn’t see the major update in iOS 9… for a year to wait the only major update is turning an 8 into a 9.

For a clean installation of iOS 9.0.1 here are the…

Download Links IPSW iOS 9.0.1

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