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Yes iOS 9.1 is here and we have good and bad news for you… so read this article. From the release of iOS 9 and it’s iterations iOS 9.0.1 and iOS 9.0.2, we’ve waited for Apple to polish iOS 9 and mark it’s claims that older devices will work better with iOS 9. At first we’ve believed that Apple did this on purpose and managed to pull a marketing plug on iPhone users to update to iOS 9 and enjoy some new features but with a slower UX for them to upgrade to the newest iPhone. Well we’ve tested enough iOS 9.1 and we’re pleased to say that it’s as fast as iOS 8.4.1 and also faster the previous versions of iOS 9. But… yes there’s a but… you have to chose between a well polished version of iOS 9 with new emojis (now you can get the iOS 9.1 emojis to iOS 9.0.2) and improvements and the jailbreakable iOS 9.0.2.


In my opinion you can stick to iOS 9.0.2 and wait for the jailbreak iOS 9.1 to appear. If you have already updated to iOS 9.1 you can downgrade to iOS 9.0.2 for now and then jailbreak iOS9/iOS9.0.1/iOS9.0.2 again.

To download other IPSW iOS versions go to Download iOS IPSW.

IPSW files help you to downgrade iOS versions(if they are still signed by apple) and are very good for those who want to do a clean iOS install.

iOS 9.1 IPSW Download Links

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