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Most other services sell you a "do it yourself software" with instructions they make you do on your own.

There is a lot of risk with downloading potentially dodgy software. They sometimes have viruses, malware or spyware that ruins your computer. They can also be really hard and complicated to use.Which means may struggle to use the software and get the result you want.

With all the risks, why not just let us to the hard work for you?

We have talented techies who will hold your hand through the entire process and ensure a high quality of customer service.

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If you are unhappy with the service we have offered, we will give you your money back, no questions asked.

24/7 Customer Support

We have a team of techies ready to help support you if you have any questions about the process of jailbreaking your phone. Whether it is before or after Cydia has been installed, we will be there to help you indefinitely.

Our Techies are Professional and Experienced at Unlocking iPhones

All of the techies we have are very experienced at jailbreaking iPhones. They pride themselves with their quick response and turn around time.

We Accept Multiple Payment Methods

You have the option to pay with PayPal or  any of the major credit card providers.

We Can Jailbreak almost ANY iDevice

No matter what iDevice you have, even the newer devices, we will be able to unlock it for you.

How Does it Work?

  1. Fill in the form below and we receive your order
  2. Be sure to take a backup of your phone (our techies can help you with this if needed)
  3. Our next available techie will be in touch within 24 hours
  4. The techie will arrange a time to screen share via TeamViewer or AnyDesk
  5. Congratulations! Your phone is now jailbroken

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So Why Would you Jailbreaking Your iDevice?

Jailbreaking has been around ever since Apple released the very first iPhone in June of 2007. Users jailbreak their iDevices for the same reason as they did back then – to gain more functionality and customization options via the Cydia app.

8 Reasons You Should Jailbreak Your Device

  1. Install the Cydia app
  2. The main benefit of jailbreaking any iDevice is having the Cydia app installed. It is how you install app, extensions, games, ringtones, themes and tweaks to enhance every jailbroken iDevice.

  1. Personalize Your iDevice
  2. After installing Cydia, users can download and install tweaks that allows customization of your Apple gadgets. There are tons of dock themes, icons, ringtones, full themes, wallpapers and widgets from Cydia to reflect your personality on your iDevice.

  1. Install “Unauthorized” Apps
  2. A lot of good apps don’t get into the official AppStore because of Apple’s extremely stringent review process. The Cydia store provides developers an alternative outlet to provide users the apps they want.

  1. Free Tethering
  2. Tethering allows users to use their iDevice as a broadband modem or a mobile hotspot. Carriers do allow this function – but for a price. Those with jailbroken devices can use apps to allow tethering for free.

  1. Further Extend Functionalities Of Existing Feature
  2. Jailbreaking extends the functionalities of existing features (3D Touch, Touch ID and Siri) or allows “older” devices to have new features exclusive to newer devices.

  1. Increase Privacy And Security Control
  2. There are apps and tweaks (BioLockDown and iCaughtYou) for jailbroken iDevices that increases the user’s privacy and control of security.

  1. Gain Access To The iOS File System
  2. Apple does not allow access to the iOS system file but jailbreaking circumvents this. Having access to the iOS system files, users can browse and modify the entire files system and install .ipa and.deb files.

  1. Clear Cache and Free Up Space
  2. Jailbroken apps like “CacheCleaner” and “iCleaner” make clearing your iDevice’s cache and freeing up space extremely easy.

Frequently Asked Questions About Jailbreaking Your iDevice (FAQs)

What Is Jailbreaking?

Jailbreaking is the process that allows you to get access to extra-files that are not made available or hosted by Apple. It removes the limitations imposed by Apple through the use of software and hardware exploits.

By jailbreaking your device, you gain more control over the things your device can do, while crossing over the restrictions initially established by Apple.

All in all, it’s a win-win situation. This service is created to help you through this process and experience the best of what your iOS device has to offer.

What Are The Benefits of Jailbreaking?

It is known that Apple does not allow users to modify the icons’ shape or style. Jailbreaking offers a wide range of themes meant to personalise and improve your visual experience.

There are also a number of extensions, tweaks and mods that target your iOS’s overall functionality. These tools allow you to increase and adjust the performance of your device.

It also allows you to easily switch between different network carriers without too much fuss.

Is Jailbreaking Legal?

After a number of legal debates, jailbreaking was made legal in USA in 2010. There are no cases of legal charges demanded by Apple.

Does Jailbreaking Void My Warranty?

Yes, it does. You will be rejected by the Apple customer support team if you seek assistance from them. Even though there are legal US amendments that declare jailbreaking perfectly legal, Apple does not endorse this process.

Can I Brick My iPhone If I Jailbreak?

Contrary to popular belief, phones that get messed up after a jailbreaking is extremely rare. We guarantee this will not happen to your phone.

Is Jailbreaking The Same as Unlocking?

No, jailbreaking and unlocking are two different processes. To unlock your phone to switch carriers, you must first jailbreak your phone. The apps, tweaks and extensions that come after jailbreaking are what make unlocking it possible.

Can I Still Use iTunes And The App Store After Jailbreaking?

Yes, you can. After jailbreaking, you can still go on doing things you did before - only more.

What is Cydia?

Cydia is an application installer with a special unofficial status which allows you to get access to apps or tweaks that cannot be found anywhere else. Similar to the App Store, Cydia is your source of various apps, tweaks or extensions. Most of these you can get for free, but there are some that you have to pay a symbolic amount for.

Will Jailbreaking Prevent Me from Updating iOS?

No. However, every time you try to update your iOS the device will reset itself to the manufacturer’s settings. This can cause complications and is strongly advised against.

The most common solution is to do a backup of the device in question, install the newest iOS version you want and then proceed with the jailbreak again.

Disclaimer: Please note that by jailbreaking your iPhone, you void your phones warranty. Apple does not endorse this process and may be considered illegal in your state/country. We take no responsibility of your decision to jailbreak your phone.