Cydia Download iOS 9.2.1 Beta Jailbreak

Yes!!!… Finally good news from the jailbreaking comunity. Luca Todesco, an Italian developer, known in the community as @qwertyoruiop on Twitter, has pulled the ace of his sleeve. He recently posted a screenshot from an iPhone 6 running both iOS 9.2.1 Beta and the Cydia Download.

Another showoff from a jailbreak developer that stated there’ll be no releases.jailbreak-ios9.2.1

Giving the fact he’s not releasing a jailbreak tool, in past days he helped the Pangu Team with his skills. For now he’s proven that he found an exploit for iOS 9.2.1 Beta.

The main question here, is Apple capable to patch the exploit prior to the release of iOS 9.2.1? Or even is the exploit is applicable to current iOS 9.2.

Todesco released the source code on Github for others to see the code, including other jailbreak developers, security firms and why not even apple.


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