Latest Cydia Apps and Tweaks on BigBoss Source February 2015 iOS 8.1.3 Ready

The most known cydia source is BigBoss, without bigboss repo cydia is almost worthless. Here you can get all the popular apps, mods, tweaks and utilities. This source comes with cydia by default.bigboss-repo

Let’s take a look at the latest 30 apps available for download in February 2015

  1. SMS on GV 8 (iOS 8) – Integrates Google Voice SMS into native massages app ($3)smsongv8-2
  2. Call on GV 8 (iOS 8) – Call directly from iPhone native caller app trough Google Voice Service ($2.5)callongv8-4
  3. Aoraki – OneClick Multifunctions with Floating Virtual Button ($1.99)aoraki3
  4. Video Zoom Mod – Video Zoom for unsupported devices (Free)videozoommod1
  5. PhotoTorch – Let’s you adjust the Flash Level for your camera (Free)phototorch3
  6. MessageHeads – Facebook like chat bubbles for messenger app (Free)messageheads5
  7. Axial – Quicklaunch widget with favorite shortcuts (Free)axial1
  8. ChooseBoard – Keyboard switcher ($1.99)chooseboard3
  9. SwitcherFX – AppSwitcher with live Blur Effects (Free)switcherfx2
  10. WidgetCenter – Customizable widget center ($1.99)widgetcenter1

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