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How to get AppAddict 4

There are and there were platforms that offer cracked apps, you all know or not them to go by the names of Installous, AppTrackr, iPAStore, HipStore, AppAddict. The list can go on and on so today we are not going to talk about things how to jailbreak iOS 8.4, how to download cydia or what are top 10 cydia tweaks or cydia apps. Instead we are going to talk about these wonderful platforms that offer apps that you find on AppStore for free. Keep in mind that developers try to lend a hand to Apple users where Apple has failed. It is quite a nasty thing to do when you see that the app you have bought doesn’t worth all money. That’s because there is no trial system from which users can benefit by testing paid apps. When it was in service Installous had his fair share of glory, now we can say the same thing of AppAddict.


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