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Sileo Jailbreak VS Cydia

What Is Sileo Jailbreak And Will It Replace Cydia?

There is a new rumor saying that iOs Electra Jailbreak will release a new version that will replace Cydia. The version will be called Sileo. But, before we go any further about the possibility that Sileo will replace Cydia, we’d better step back and discuss what Sileo is.

What is Cydia?

Cydia jailbreak

Cydia is a software that will enable an iOS user to jailbreak his OS. The advantage of the jailbreaking iOS is that the device will open itself for non-authorized apps most which mostly are available for free.

Cydia is advanced by a man named Jay Freeman, SaurikIT. The term “Cydia” itself was taken after a moth genus with the same name, especially the codling moth whose scientific name is Cydia Pomonella. It literally means “worm in the apple”.

Cydia itself provides the graphical user interface (GUI) to the jailbroken users. That GUI is called Advanced Packaging Tools (APT). That interface is the one that takes responsibility for enabling jailbroken users to download many apps that are not available on App Store.

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What is Sileo?

Sileo jailbreak

Originally, Sileo is well-known in the medical field. However, that name was taken by CoolStar, a group of developer that gives the jailbreaking system birth. Sileo, which literally means “restart” itself is a version of a long-developed jailbreaking system called Electra.

Speaking about Electra, this software system has been used for jailbreaking since January 13th, 2018. The first beta version of Electra was released on that date. It was intended to be used for iOS 11.0 – 11.1.2. After that, CoolStar plant the seed to release candidate version for the developer to work with Cydia support. Not long after, Electra 11.1.2 was officially released on February 6th, 2018.


However, Electra has been working with Cydia from the very moment it was well-developed. Unfortunately, CoolStar and Saurik fail to reach the agreement upon the compatibility between Electra & Cydia. Therefore, both are now dedicating themselves to develop their own jailbreaking software system. That’s how Sileo was first initially made. But the question is, can Sileo really replace Cydia?

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Sileo Pros and Cons

Just everything else, Sileo has its pros and cons. Here they are.


•Cydia will work with Sileo without a need of additional configurations
•Users can literally add tweaks very easily using Cydia-like interfaces
•Tweaks that are not supported will be filtered out, in that way users don’t need to worry about any tweak they are installing.
•Tweak developers have a platform for developing their products for iOS 11 need.
•The safe mode has user-friendly UI and more options
•Sileo needs a shorter time than Cydia to load
•Any Cydia purchases can continue using Sileo


•Sileo only support iOS 11 and also the later versions
•Sileo only supports a 64-bit device
•Tweak filtering, apart from its benefit for users, can also be an issue for tweak developers and testers.

Now, get back to the question, can Sileo really replace Cydia?

Cydia has been known for a very long time for iOS jailbreaking. It also has been a synonym for the jailbreaking itself. However, the first installer for jailbreak tweaks was the Installer.app. It was installed by the first jailbreak tool named JailbreakMe 1.0 (which is also called AppSnapp).

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Many people believe that Cydia has been out of date and needs for an update, which it lack of. The maintenance from Jay Freeman or Saurik has been an issue. On the other hand, Coolstar has been doing an incredible work to patch it in order to make it work with iOS 11.1.2 – iOS 11 jailbreak and more recently with iOS 11.4 – iOS 11.3.1 jailbreak.

Stepping up in order to take the position of Cydia or replacing it in the jailbreaking system is something quite big. Anyway, CoolStar seems to be doing it really well. They have already announced that they are recently working on a Cydia replacement (which is Sileo itself).

Nevertheless, any conclusion can come too soon these days. By looking at the pros and cons of Sileo itself, Electra might still need to focus a little bit more on the development. In that way, users can be assured which jailbreaking system they are going to use in the future.

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Cydia Alternatives

First of all let’s get some things straight. If you jailbreak you are not bound to use only Cydia, you will be pleased to hear that there are other alternatives that offer packages like free apps and tweaks. Some of these cydia alternatives can offer free apps or cracked apps whatever you want to call them without the need of a jailbroken device making these the perfect alternatives.  icy

The list is simple, here’s a list of 5 cydia alternatives:


Because it’s an open source platform the majority of apps that you will find here are free. Using this source you will help you get apps even if you don’t have a jailbroken device.


Another alternative that will let you have free iPhone apps on your non-jailbroken device. Hence the name, this Chinese app will let you search and install any app. There is no need for an Apple ID and all apps can be managed from windows explorer.


iNoCydia is a quick, customizable and easy to use cydia alternative. Developed by GamingWtihViro and hosted by Emu4iOS, iNoCydia 3.0 offers just like the previous two the possibility to download and customize your iDevice without the need of jailbreak, Cydia or a PC. Even the name suggest the lack of these dependencies.

Custom iOS

The perfect platform to customize your iDevice. Tor this there is no need to jailbreak.

Apple App Store

I know you are surprised to see this here. But if you don’t know the history, Cydia appeared before App Store on iOS 1.0.0 and this was what inspired Apple, this making it an alternative to Cydia. Like every platform that you check you will see that each one has apps that the others don’t.

Regarding Custom iOS, iNoCydia and iOSEmulatorSpot there are mixed opinions regarding the lack of games but I’ll leave that to you to decide if they worth keeping.

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