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Flying JB Demo Jaibreak iOS 9.2.1

Min Zheng the Chinese Hacker known as @SparkZheng has posted on his YouTube channel a working iOS 9.2.1 Jailbreak that the calls Flying JB.

SparkZheng isn’t the only jailbreak developer that theses us with jailbreak tools. In his demo he successfully jailbreaked an iPhone 5C running on iOS 9.2.1.

After he gains root access to the device he installs a Terminal App that allows him to run sudo commands.

For this project he credited Eakerqiu and Ceredlog. He stated on his blog that Flying JB has roots from inpuTbag(Tbag character from Prison Break), and is based on the HeapOverFlow kernel vulnerability. Apple patched this exploit in iOS 9.3.2 so the JB procedure no longer works.

It seems that hackers are now constantly figuring new jailbreak opportunities but no one has released a public tool. As in other industries companies pay hackers to crack their software, servers or networks to build a more robust system.

We don’t know if a jailbreak will be available soon or the hackers/jb developers are starting to work for Apple and these Demos are just to help selling vulnerabilities to Apple.

Also keep in mind that the iPhone 5c has a 32bit CPU that runs a different version of iOS not like iPhone 5S and above.

Also a GUI version is not available, so to jailbreak with this procedure you must know your way around command line in IOS.

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