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Must Have Best Cydia Sources iOS 9 in 2016

Cydia Sources are the way to tell Cydia from where to get more apps. The more cydia sources you have the more cydia apps you can install. Increase your Cydia Repository of great apps with the best Cydia Sources available in 2016 for iOS 8, iOS 9, iOS 9.1 and iOS 9.2. To add a cydia source just go to Manage/Sources/Edit/Add and copy paste the repo url from the list bellow in that box.

Update iOS 9.3.3!!!… Latest Jailbreak available here.

New Update!!! iPhone and iPad iOS 9 Compatible Cydia Sources

To enjoy the best Cydia experience update Cydia from the Cydia Download page.

For Cracked Apps Sources Cydia go to Top 5 Best Cydia Cracked Apps Sources

Top 10+ of the Best Cydia Sources/Repos 2016 for Free


xSellize Repo

As known as the cydia games repo for all that have a jailbreaked iOS device. From XSellize Source you can download apps like AirBlue Sharing 7(iOS 7 Bluetooth Sharing), Activator (Let’s you activate lots of cool features embedded in you iPhone) and AdBlocker(forget about ad pop-ups )

Popular xsellize apps: YourTube, AppSync, Angry Birds, Mario, Dreamboard, iFile, Zephyr, Barrel

url: http://cydia.xsellize.com/

HipStore Repo

It’s the biggest Chinese source for free and cracked apps…

go to HipStore Download Page

ModMyi Repo

ModMyi source is embedded in cydia so you don’t have to know the source url. All the main cydia apps are available in this source. Apps like BytaFont 2 that lets you change the default forn of your iOS device, or BatterySafe is making sure that your battery will survive heavy usage or even BiteSMS like Activator the most handy way to use Messages, just reply in seconds.

Popular ModMyi apps: SBSettings, Barrel, iFile, WinterBoard, Gridlock, MyWi, Notifier Pro, Live Clock, No Spot and CyDelete

url: http://apt.modmyi.com/

OpenAppMKT Repo

Like HipStore it’s an open for all App Market, an alternative to the AppStore where Apps are preaproved by Apple to be in conformity with the company’s policy. Here you can find not only native apps but also iPhone and iPad compatible Web Apps.

go to OpenAppMKT Download Page

BigBoss Repo

Isn’t called BigBoss for nothing. This is the biggest source available here. Hundreds of developers work here to bring the latest in the iOS market. Many tweaks from here let you change the way your Device looks and feels. Among these tweaks and apps you can find BetrFoldr (a folder background remover), Bigifi (changes the way your homescreen looks and interacts) and even Bloard (that replaces the white keyboard)

url: http://apt.thebigboss.org/repofiles/cydia/

SiNful iPhone Repo

Like Haculo, SiNful can bring to you the biggest source for cracked apps. Apps like Installous, Appcake or vShare will help you to download many free iphone apps. How to install sinful source.

url: http://sinfuliphonerepo.com

BiteYourApple Repo

Widely used for tweaks, apps, themes, games, cheats, cracks and ringtones.

url: http://repo.biteyourapple.net

iPhoneCake Repo

Want a cool recipe to bake something? Just kidding this is the game sweetest source of all. Carefull with the sugar because here you can find the holy grail of games. Like Mario? Here’s nes4iPhone a Nintendo like game or DirtBikeMX.

url: http://cydia.iphonecake.com/

Insanelyi Repo

If your asking about cydia apps? Insanelyi is the answer, just anything your mind can think of…

url: http://repo.insanelyi.com

vShare Repo

The most powerful cracked repos for iOS 8. Have you ever heard of Winterboard or Dreamboard? Yes this is their source. If you want to completely customize your iDevice install this source.

url: http://repo.appvv.com

Rpetri.ch Repo

Is responsible for CleverPin(passcode related tweak), CCHide(helps you change the Control Center as you please) and DockShift to change the Dock available when swiping from the bottom of your iPhone.

url: http://rpetri.ch/repo/


New in our top but very powerful. A community based tweak collection to customize in-depth your iPad.

url: http://filippobiga.me/repo


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Download/Install Sinful Source

Since first release back in 2008 there are 1.4 million apps in App Store. Developed and maintained by Apple this digital distribution platform represents the only official way you can get apps on your Apple device or also known iDevice. App Store is only available on devices like iPod, iPhone, iPad. But because of Apple’s restrictive Terms and Conditions for developers there were many cases when developers had their apps rejected by Apple. This was not the only thing that pissed developers you couldn’t launch on App Store software packages like tweaks but also themes and ringtones.
In 2007 all problems were solved when the first jailbreak tool was launched by iPhone Dev Team and in 2008 with the help of one brilliant mind Jay Freeman aka saurik we have seen the launch of a new software distribution platform but this time for jailbroken devices. A jailbroken is basically a device that has all restrictions that imposed by Apple removed. Now you can alter the operating system by installing apps that were reject in App Store, tweaks, ringtones, and themes but you also benefit for free from paid or free apps found on App Store. Day by day the jailbreak community grows.

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