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Cydia Update 16 July 15: Cydia 1.1.23

Cydia Update 10 July 15: Cydia 1.1.22

To update Cydia you have to open Cydia and wait for it to load. You must have your iPhone or iPad connected to the internet. A popup message will appear when the newest update is available and click on Upgrade Essential. Check iCydiaBlog.com for the newest version of Cydia and how to jailbreak.


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Jailbreak iOS Cydia Download Links

In few words to Download Cydia on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch you have to jailbreak iOS. On iCydiaBlog.com you can find lot’s of tutorials on how to jailbreak and download cydia according to your iOS version for free or How To use Cydia Installer.

Windows and Mac Tutorials can be found at:

Jailbreak to Download Cydia on iOS 9

Jailbreak to Download Cydia on iOS 8.4

Jailbreak to Download Cydia on iOS 8.3

Jailbreak to Download Cydia on iOS 8.2

Some other Stuff

Even though iOS 8.4 has some interesting features most iDevice users are starting to feel limited using their devices. Just like its predecessors iOS 8 has the same downsides. So, as a solution, they will jailbreak their iPhone or any other iDevice. For those who would like to know, jailbreak is the procedure in which you get root access those removing all the restrictions imposed by the manufacturer.


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Cydia, a thorough walktrough

You found a tutorial and chosen the path of jailbreaking but here everything is easy, because you only need to follow those steps. But what about cydia, are there any tutorials on that? Well no, so because of this today we are going to give more attention to this subject. Before we jump in we need to know first what cydia is. Developed by Jay Freeman aka Saurik, cydia provides a GUI to install software packages not present in App Store using APT (Advanced Packaging Tool).

When you start cydia for the first time don’t get alarmed if you get warning messages regarding upgrading some features. You can always choose to Upgrade Essential or Ignore, but is best to upgrade. After upgrading you will need to re-open cydia.

cydia sections

Cydia’s interface has five tabs Home, Sections, Changes, Manage, Search and by default when you always open cydia you will be greeted by the home screen.

Next in line is Sections where all the packages are sorted by categories. This is good if you like to browse between them and check their details. If liked it you can always of to install it right away.In the Home you can manage your cydia account. Even though there are a lot of free apps you can find also paid ones so for this to manage your paid apps you will need an account. Here you can also find guides or install a repo.

We continue with Changes, a section where we find out if there is an upgrade for an installed package or new package arrivals to cydia world sorted by date.

cydia manage

Manage tab is a little bit more complex compared to other tabs. Here you will find three options Packages, Sources and Storage. Packages will let view, reinstall or uninstall packages that you installed via cydia. Sources, well this function will help you manage all repos, you can view, add or remove repositories from here. Repositories are lists of software packages from groups of developers or communities. If you want to add a repo in Manage section tap Sources then Edit followed by Add and right about now you will input the APT url of your repo and finish the adding process by tapping Add Source. Storage is a function that will inform you about all the storage usage of cydia.

cydia repo

And the last function that doesn’t need any explaining is Search.

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Must Have Cydia Apps

As we all know all iDevices are limited and you must jailbreak them in order to install third-party applications. The most popular third-party application manager is Cydia, a similar account logging for downloading and payments for apps to App Store. Most of the apps on Cydia are free of costs and here you can find all kind of themes and tweaks if you want to change the appearance of your iPhone or iPad.

cydia applications

The best application for changing your device appearance is WinterBoard. You can change the wallpaper, the icons, and the status bar’s graphics, install new themes, customize the notification sound and the ringtone of your device.

A “must have” application is iFile. With this app you can do many cool things. You can view and edit files; it supports text, sound and movie files; you can use it as a video player or sound player, document viewer, editor and you can run and manage archived files, all this for free from Cydia.

If you want to interact more with your device you can use Activator, an app for any iDevice that helps you to customize or assign any buttons, for example to enable/disable sound or Wi-Fi.

If you want to install and place widgets on the home screen, Dashboard X tweak is the way to go. You can get it for $1.99 from Cydia.

Cydia is full of apps and tweaks that are very interesting, the only thing you need is time and patience to install and test them.

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The Best Cydia Alternative Lima

As the jailbreaking community developed and gained more acceptance into the current society, most users started to regard the Cydia platform as quite the same thing as jailbreaking your iOS device. You should know by now that the idea that Cydia is a synonym with the jailbreaking process is completely wrong. There are alternatives for Cydia. Cydia is just one of many third party app platforms for iOS. We should not disregard the alternatives, especially considering that competition will push the developers to increase the quality of their releases and in order to pose as a threat to Cydia, the others’ platforms developers are supposed to push themselves a little bit more, in order to affirm themselves as a viable option.

preferences section in limaApparently a new service that is known as iTweak is willing to push these boundaries a little bit more, by delivering tweaks and apps for jailbroken devices. Currently this service is running over the Internet, shortly put is web-based and will be accessible with login information and account management options.

A good thing for iTweak is that has a very well integrated interface with the iOS interface that makes it actually feel like a native iOS app and has the ability to redirect users straight to the updated packages.

In the past there have been some similar services, and most of them disappeared due to failing or being incorporated into larger entities present on the jailbreak scene. The downside for the developers is that such a big service has to imply great maintenance costs and in order for such a service to survive needs to become popular instantly.

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