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iOS 7 Cydia Theme for iOS 6

Today I had an interesting discussion with a couple of my friends regarding the famous launch date September 10th 2013 on which we will see a new iPhone, iPhone 5C also the new iPhone 5S. The talk went on for two hours on which we dissected every possibility and rumor that will still be a dual core or be the first iphone quad core cpu, the home button to have a biometric sensor giving the chance to unlock your device with your thumb via a fingerprint sensor.


But the piece of resistance in this conversation wasn’t the specs or the new functions, but their faces when they have seen that I’m running iOS 7. Actually it wasn’t iOS 7, with proper cydia tweak you can turn your device to feel and look like you have iOS 7.

You can do the same with your friends the only thing that you need is to install iOS 7 theme, this is a theme for Winterboard. If you don’t know what winterboard is then we have a problem. Winterboard is a tweak that will help you change the look of your device and the only way you can get this is to have your device jailbroken and with cydia installed.

The theme is developed by AR7 and can be found in the MacCiti repo. Just remember this will just change the look without any iOS 7 functionality. For this you will need tweak like DeepEnd, iBlacklist, IntelliscreenX, Auxo.

This being said let me guide you with the installation of this them. First we will need to add the MacCiti repo. So open cydia, tap Manage tab then Sources button, then hit Edit then Add. Here you input the address for the MacCiti repo http://cydia.zodttd.com and tap Add Source. Now go to Search tab and input iOS 7 Theme to search it and then install it. Respring and then launch Winterboard. Tap Select Themes and then select iOS 7 then press the home button. Right now you device should respring.


As you can see this is simple. Like I said before you can add other tweaks like DeepEnd that gives that parallax effect of your background. iBlacklist which is that much needed blacklist for every device.

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