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MP3 Download Cydia Apps

Downloading music to your iDevice is impossible if you don’t have a jailbroken device, but even you have jailbroken it’s not enough to download music. The only thing to do is to first install Cydia and then a iOS music downloader. Don’t get scared if you don’t know what Cydia is, but just to calm down some spirits Cydia is a third party platform that is similar to Apple distribution platform AppStore. If we compare these two Cydia comes on top because it can offer all apps from AppStore for free but also things that are forbidden like cydia tweaks, themes, ringtones, cydia apps. To get the best experience I suggest installing and updating your best cydia sources. A cydia source or cydia repo it basically represents the packages catalog.
Before we start downloading music we must complete the following requirements check list:

  • A good and steady internet connection, I highly recommend you use a Wi-Fi connection
  • Download and install Terminal
  • Download and install dTunes which will enable you the possibility to download music on your iDevice.

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