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Downgrade iOS 11

Downgrade iOS 11.0.3 To iOS 10.3.3 / iOS 10 : Quick And Easy Method

Downgrade iOS 11.0.3 To iOS 10.3.3 / iOS 10 : Quick And Easy Method – Apple has released the latest update to its operating system, iOS 11.

downgrade iOS 11

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The newest iteration of  the operating systems brings tons of new features which include the following:

The new features that iOS 11 brings to iDevices are so many that it may take another post to list all of them. In fact, you may have already updated to the new iOS because of the these “improvements”. There will always be some “disadvantages” when trying out anything new and this include the latest iOS 11 update. iOS 11 may be still be incompatible with some apps and may cause problems. Now, you may be sorry for  quickly jumping on the bandwagon and is experiencing “some” bugs and hiccups with the iOS installed on your device.

You may be asking yourself “Is there a way to downgrade to iOS 10?“. If you’re one of the those who want to go back to a previous version of IOS then read on. For this article, I am going to show you how to downgrade iOS 11.0.3 To iOS 10.3.3 / iOS 10.

downgrade iOS 11

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Downgrade iOS 11.0.3 To iOS 10.3.3 / iOS 10 : Quick And Easy Method

You will use iTunes to downgrade your iDevice from iOS 11.0.3 to the previous version. Make sure that iTunes is installed on your computer. You can download the latest version of iTunes here.

Do note that you cannot restore any iCloud or iTunes backup to the devices made with iOS 11/11.0.3 installed. While doing the downgrade, you will be prompted to either restore from an iOS 10.3.3 backup made using the same device or start fresh by setting up the gadget as a “new” device.

Follow the steps below to downgrade iOS 11.0.3 to iOS 10.3.3/iOS 10.

Step 1. Download the correct software (IPSW) file for your particular iDevice. Check out this link to select and download the correct iOS 10.3.3 file for your device.

Step 2. Turn off the “Find My iPhone” feature on your device. You can do this by going to “Settings“>”iCloud“>”Find My iPhone“. Switch the “Find My Iphone” toggle to the “Off” position. You will be prompted with your iCloud password to authenticate this selection.

downgrade iOS 11

Step 3.  Connect your device to your computer using the correct USB cable provided. iTunes should load and detect your device. Once connected and detected, you need to put your device into “Device Firmware Update (DFU)” or “Recovery” mode. Non-iPhone 7 users must hold down the “Power” and “Home” buttons simultaneously for ten second. After ten seconds, release the “Power” button but keep holding the “Home” button down. Your device will now be in DFU mode. A pop-up alert will show in iTunes saying it has detected the device connected is in “Recovery” mode.

For iPhone 7 owners, the procedure is slightly different. You can click this link and follow the guide on how to put your device in DFU mode. Again, once in “Recovery” mode, continue to the next step to downgrade your device.

NOTE: You can bypass “Step 3” above and directly restore your device to iOS 10.3.3. using iTunes (Normal Restore). “Step 3” though is highly recommended to avoid any issues or trouble that may crop up.

Step 4. In iTunes, press and hold the “Option” key (for Mac users) , or the “Shift” key (for Windows users), and choose the “Restore iPhone” option in the main device screen. Select the iOS 10.3.3 IPSW file you downloaded to your computer for your device in Step 1.downgrade iOS 11

Step 5. Allow iTunes complete the process of downgrading your device from iOS 11.x.x to iOS 10.x.x. After successfully downgrading to your desired firmware, your iDevice will reboot and you will see the familiar “Hello!” screen in front of you.

You can now enjoy your freshly restored iDevice with iOS 10.x.x installed. Do whatever you want with your device like install games, fill it up with songs and movies. You can also jailbreak it using the Pangu Anzhuang jailbreak for 10.3.3.

You can watch the video below to see how the complete procedure is done.

Downgrading your device from iOS 11 to a compatible version of iOS 10 is very easy if you follow this guide.

Apple will definitely fix any bugs or glitches in iOX 11.x.x. Once the Cupertino Company has done this, you can confidently upgrade again if you want. Until then, enjoy your iDevice with iOS 10.x.x installed!

Note : It seems that Apple has stopped signing window for iOS 10.3.3 for all devices except the iPhone 6S. If this is true, then this guide will now work only for the iPhone 6S. You can still try the guide though.

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