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Cydia Download OpenAppMkt

openappmktLately a new platform gained ground in the jailbreak community, it’s simple and fast. From it beside the usual apps you can even download cydia, so without further ado OpenAppMkt is that platform. But what makes it so special? It’s more like a collection of web based apps aka iPhone web apps. This technique will offer any iOS user the possibility to get any app without the need to have a jailbroken iDevice. Similar to the well-known AppStore and a good alternative to Installous but also to vShare and AppCake, OpenAppMkt is on simple to use platform, so simple that you will not need a how-to tutorial.

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Apptrackr alternatives iOS 8

Yes AppTrackr is gone and Apple killed it. To shed some light on this matter let’s talk a little about this platform on how it came to be, what was its purpose, and how the developers end up shutting down apptrackr.org.

When developers launched this platform had something in mind, they did not want to promote cracked apps, but instead they wanted to lend a hand to all jailbroken iDevice users so they could test paid apps for free. As you may know there is no way you could test paid apps from AppStore, also it lacks a return policy.

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Download AppCake the Installous Alternative

Everytime AppCake commes out is because everybody is looking for an alternative to Installous to install free cracked apps on a jailbroken iPhone or iPad. AppCake is now famous because is the Best Installous Alternative and not long time ago Installous was in the leed and was the no.1 choice for many users. Since the closing of the Installous project AppCake is the most popular and this can be seen in the increasing downloads. Don’t waist time looking for other alternatives to Installous download, AppCake can be downloaded and installed direcly from Cydia AppStore and works very good with an iPad or iPhone. I’ll guide you step by step on how to download and install AppCake directly from Cydia on your iOS device in this tutorial.

What you need? An iOS Device (preferred the last iOS 7.0.6 installed) that is jailbroken. You need an jailbroken iDevice because you need Cydia to begin. Here you have a list of jailbreak tools and for the last version of iOS you can jailbreak here. Once you have Cydia installed you can proceed to the next step.

appcake guide
appcake download

Launch Cydia and tap on Manage than tap Sources than tap Edit and last Add. For beginners this is the way you add Sources in Cydia. In the textbox you have to enter http://cydia.iphonecake.com that is the AppCake source/repo and tap on Add Source when finished. If a warning message is shown hit Add Anyway and then Return to Cydia. Now your back to the sources page and you can see the iPhoneCake repo added to your Cydia Sources. Install with HD if you have a Retina Screen and the default version for older devices.

Reboot your iDevice in order to clear cydia cache and enjoy your AppCake installation. As simple as that now you download free cracked apps for iPhone/iPad. We strongly don’t recommend installing apps outside the AppStore and even installing cracked apps.

If you’re familiar to Apple AppStore than it wouldn’t be hard for you to use AppCake. A small guide is to browse or search for the desired app and than download from the list of provided links, install and enjoy.

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