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Best iOS 10.2 Free Jailbreak Cydia Tweaks

Thing are moving well in the Jailbreaking community, things are getting up to date with the latest jailbreaked version of iOS and many cydia apps and tweaks are in the horizon.
Let’s start with the first tweak and one of my favorites:
Apex2 from BigBoss is Free

If you find yourself organized and sick about apple approach to iOS folders, download this…
NoWifiWhenRunThisPlz from BigBoss also Free
It’s basically a kind of firewall that disconnects from WiFi when you run a certain app

TranslucentMessages from BigBoss (Free)

It’s just a simple theme that gives a nice touch to your Messages app interface
Camera Tools from BigBoss

Now you can customize your camera app with this cydia tweak. Change the layout of buttons and even hide unwanted features

SendDelay from BigBoss

Gmail like, undo send, feature with a send delay implementation. Just set the reaction time and no more unwanted messages will be send
MessageFilter (BigBoss)

Is a personal dictionary of unwanted words, don’t really get the point of it, but it seems to work with the SendDelay app. It alerts before sending a message when it encounters an unwanted word
Mitsuha (BigBoss, Free)

Jell-O effect theme for the Music app, visualizations and graphics according to the song’s rhythmics

Low Power Modder from BigBoss

Configure a task at each state of your battery…

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