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Best Cydia Apps to Hack Wi-Fi Passwords

If you want to get Wi-Fi username and passwords that Cydia is the only hope for you. Install apps on Cydia enabled mobile to hack any wi-fi login credentials.

Cydia is a known alternative to the Apple Store with the main difference being that most of the apps offered in Cydia are totally free of charge. It has nearly all similar apps to those found on the App Store. You can only install it on your iDevice after jailbreak. Among the third party apps that Cydia allows you to download and install are those that can take advantage of some flaws in the security of household routers, enabling you to get free Wi-Fi. There are quite a number of apps that have claimed to be able to do the same thing, but very few of them have proven their capabilities over time.

Why should we use Cydia to get WiFi password?

  • The main reason is the fact that with Cydia, there is absolutely no way a back trace can be done to you. Whoever the owner of the Wi-Fi is, he will never even know that you are using his connection
  • Another reason would be the fact that there is nothing complicated about it. The app is programmed to do everything automatically. You don’t need any technical knowledge in order to hack a Wi-Fi. In fact, the only thing you need to do is have your phone within the range of a network and you will be good to go.
  • It is free cracked repo. The apps required can be downloaded free of charge, and they will do probably a better job than a technician would, without charging you even a single cent.


cydia-wifi-passwords-hackHow Cydia can help you to hack password of Wi-Fi?

The applications usually take advantage of a common security vulnerability with WPA/WPA2 and WEP passwords which are found on the routers of households. The apps will go through a series of steps, starting with trying out the default password of the router, until it gains access to the Wi-Fi without having the authorized WPA or WEP key.

Best Cydia App to hack Wi-Fi passwords

There is a long list of such apps, most of which work differently. This is because not all routers are manufactured in a similar way therefore the apps vary in the methods used for exploit. It might even vary according to country. You can always choose those that fit you the most.

1.) IWep Pro

This can arguably be said to be the best in the current market.  You must have Cydia installed on your device before you can download and install the app. Once the installation is done, a simple user interface will help you scan the local wireless networks and then inform you of the ones that can be hacked. All you have to do then is select the network that you wish to join and IWep will get you the password.

You also need to download a dictionary for the app in order to utilize it properly.

2.) ISpeedTouched

This is another favorite app for many. It works in an almost similar way to iWep in that it scans for the vulnerable networks and then uses the ‘rainbow table’ to connect to those networks. The rainbow table can also be downloaded.

3.) WPA Tester

This is one of the apps that does not necessarily require Cydia to work. It also works in a similar way but only tries out the default passwords for the routers.

In order to use Cydia Apps to Hack WiFi usernames and passwords, you need to have supported iOS installed on your iDevice.

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