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Jailbreak for iOS 7 or for iOS 6

We have seen a lot of tweets from different dev-teams considering that creating a jailbreak tool for iOS 6.1.3 and iOS 6.1.4 a time waster, but not Winocm. From his tweets we can see his progress on this tool for these versions of iOS 6. He also released a video of an untethered version of iOS 6.1.3. Even though it has some bugs he is confident that the jailbreak community will get their hands on this tool in the following weeks. Even though it is September 18 the date when the iOS 7 is pushed to upgrade supported iDevices he suggests you should wait.

For those who are stubborn and still want to see iOS 7 in the flesh, if you change your mind you can always downgrade to iOS 6.1.3/6.1.4 . Speaking of jailbreak others are searching jailbreak tools for iOS 7, let me spare you the trouble, there is no iOS 7 jailbreak tool released to the community. Developers are working hard to find exploits in the new iOS. For example in recent tweet chatter between two Evad3rs members pimskeks and pod2g we can see the status for a potential iOS 7 jailbreak, but sadly it will not be soon. We have seen also in the past weeks a picture with a jailbroken iOS 7 running Activator showing a message stating that system is too new and would have some problems when running it.

If you consider jailbreaking iOS 7 slow wait till you see a proper jailbreak for the new iPhones, iPhone 5c and especially on the iPhone 5s. I think iPhone 5s will be a real challenge in finding exploits to create a working jailbreak.

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iOS 7 Jailbreak Development

A few days to go and we will finally see unveil of the iPhone 5S and the new low cost iPhone the iPhone 5C. For those who don’t know September 10th is the date to watch. But beside this there is more that needs our attention, which is a jailbreak tool that will remove the same old set of rules.


On June 30 2013 Ryan Petrich amazed his followers with a screen from an iPod Touch running a beta version of iOS 7 with an Activator icon on the Home and a popup message stating that its running on a new version of iOS and some features may not work. This was done in an interesting way of showing that iOS 7 can be jailbroken.

Evad3rs say that they will update their jailbreak tool to support iOS 7. Since the release back in February Evasi0n supports all versions of iOS 6 except 6.1.3 and 6.1.4 because these two updates are considered minor updates. So it will be treated without untethered jailbreak support.

So if you want the latest version of jailbroken iOS get iOS 6 and with the help some well-made tweaks you can turn your iDevice into one similar running iOS 7.


There is quite a resemblance between the some tweak and some iOS functions or appearance. For example, a well-known tweak, Auxo is similar to the all-new App Switcher but with a little bit extra functions, because Auxo comes with toggles and enhanced Music player functions.

Another function that is worth trying and you will surely se in the new iOS is NCSettings.

As for the UI you can use iOS 7 theme specially which is a Winterboard theme plus the parallax effect done by DeepEnd only you will know that you are running iOS 6.

In case if you want to take a closer look and have iOS 7.0 ispw go ahead and test it because you can always downgrade to iOS 6.

So what will you chose, a beta version of iOS 7 without the benefits of a jailbreak or iOS 6 with the looks of a 7 plus jailbreak. It is your choice.

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