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How to Download and Install iFile without jailbreaking your iPhone No Cydia Needed

ifileThere are lots of people who critic Apple devices but if we take a closer look at every iPhone we will see an impressive piece of engineering and design. But like everything it has also its drawbacks and the only drawback is limitation. Not by design or hardware, but by software. If you are devoted to the Apple brand you will surely know about what I’m talking about. But to make thing clear, Apple doesn’t want users to install apps from 3rd party sources, they say that this way they will protected their users, but this limitation is like a double-edge sword because for users it will be impossible to install cracked apps thus the silent war between Apple and piracy appeared. But this doesn’t stopped users to find a workaround to this problem. The solution came out to be a procedure called jailbreak. There are users who consider this a big hassle so they came up with a solution to install cydia apps from other sources without jailbreaking. One of these apps is iFile.

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