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SafariTabCount will bring back the much needed tab count to Safary

From time to time the lack of a function in every iOS 7 could get frustrating. For example why do you jailbreak your iPhone or any other iDevice? With all that innovation from Apple there are some important things that are missing. Like a file manager, theme manager, but there are also some simple things that are missing for example from stock apps. The following tweak comes as an inspiration from the competition, Android, and this tweak is not developed by Apple.


This little tweak called SafariTabCount will add a simple but useful number from my point on the tabs icon that will show the number of open tabs in Safari.

You can find this for free in ModMyi repo in Cydia. Right after installation the tweak kicks into action. So there are no extra settings for this tweak. So what do you think, do you need this tweak?

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