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Since first release back in 2008 there are 1.4 million apps in App Store. Developed and maintained by Apple this digital distribution platform represents the only official way you can get apps on your Apple device or also known iDevice. App Store is only available on devices like iPod, iPhone, iPad. But because of Apple’s restrictive Terms and Conditions for developers there were many cases when developers had their apps rejected by Apple. This was not the only thing that pissed developers you couldn’t launch on App Store software packages like tweaks but also themes and ringtones.
In 2007 all problems were solved when the first jailbreak tool was launched by iPhone Dev Team and in 2008 with the help of one brilliant mind Jay Freeman aka saurik we have seen the launch of a new software distribution platform but this time for jailbroken devices. A jailbroken is basically a device that has all restrictions that imposed by Apple removed. Now you can alter the operating system by installing apps that were reject in App Store, tweaks, ringtones, and themes but you also benefit for free from paid or free apps found on App Store. Day by day the jailbreak community grows.

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