Taig exploit patched by Apple kills iOS 8.3 jailbreak


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All updates are highly expected by their users but in some cases that long wait can be a complete disappointment. Sorry for being the bearer of bad news but the new iOS update fixes a considerable list of vulnerabilities that jailbreak teams used it to create tools. So if you are looking for an iOS 8.3 untethered jailbreak you are in for a nasty surprise. In this build Apple managed to fix 39 security issues where some of them were used by the TaiG jailbreak team in their tool.



Only until iOS 8.1.2 we have seen successful builds of jailbreak tools but somehow after this Apple still managed to come on top. I know I know things did not look too good when iOS 8.2 was released into the wild it too came with fixes that tried to discourage any possible jailbreak procedures.

Driven by the update frenzy most of you want to get the best of your iPhone and or iPad by installing  Cydia tweaks and apps, but iPhone hacker MuscleNerd suggests to avoid any upgrades to latest iOS version if you are looking to jailbreak or maintain it even though if you are using iOS 7 till iOS 8. So for now keeping cydia and all its components it’s the right thing to do. Also if you want to get more cydia apps and tweaks try installing cydia repos.


I know things don’t look to bright right now, but even if the odds tend to show that a jailbreak tool will not be launched soon I can surely say that Pangu, TaiG and PP are working hard to solve this issue. Since last year when Pangu team, now one of the well-known Chinese jailbreak teams, made their entrance and mark on the jailbreak community where we have seen a jailbreak procedure for each iOS iteration.

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