The best top cydia tweaks list (The black book of best cydia tweaks)

Let’s consider these scenarios: you bought your first iPhone or iPad; you decided give a first try or maybe a second chance to jailbreaking. Whatever the scenario it doesn’t matter because if you are looking to install some of the best tweaks you came to the right place. Today we are not going to limit ourselves to a just top 10 list, instead we will just present the top best cydia tweaks and as a bonus we are going to throw in a list of cydia tweaks for iPad.

Cydia houses lots of packages which most of them you will never see them in App Store because of the strict guidelines. These banned packages are mainly tweaks, themes and also apps. But because there are no restrictions in Cydia from all that volume of tweaks you are certainly going to find some worst tweaks. To save you having this problem I compiled a list with tweaks that cover functionality, appearance and utilities area that work on iPod, iPhone and iPad.

Winterboard is the first theme manager that was released when jailbreaking was launched. This tweak basically helps you change the appearance of you device and with the help of cydia you can browse and install any theme you want.

Dreamboard is the same as Winterboard but with a small difference. In Dreamboard when you apply a theme the changes are instantly where in Winterboard you must re-spring to see the changes.

Springtomize 2 is more like a package of tweaks that customize folders, dock, notification center and many more, pretty much anything on your device those . Considering that you get a bundle of tweaks you pay less the getting the similar tweaks individually.

Activator is one revolutionary tweak because you can access every function or launch any application with the help of a defined gesture on your screen or using the hardware buttons of your device. This way you can save time and access this much easier.

SBSettings is considered a veteran in the jailbreak world and also one of the reasons why many have jailbroken their devices. In combination with Activator you can access all the much needed toggles of your device just by simply swiping down from status bar. SBSettings will offer toggles for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Brightness and many other toggles, but you will also get some information about device.

Dashboard X is similar to SBSettings but instead of adding toggles it adds widgets. Widgets can be also added in home screen. If used in combination with Activator you can access custom Dashboard screen.

IntelliScreenX is that tweak which brings functionality to your lockscreen using Notification Center functions but with more freedom regarding accessing information from social networks or your email accounts.

Unfold is a simple tweak that changes the unlocking effect of your device. So by Fold-To-Unlock you just unlock your device just like folding a map.

AndroidLock XT this tweak is not an unlocking effect but more like an unlocking procedure where if you want to unlock your device you must use your defined unlocking pattern, just like in Android devices.

Recognize Me takes the security and unlocking procedure to a next level. Using biometric security your device will be unlocked using facial recognition. Setting up is simple, the setup will make you take several pictures.

NoLockScreen is tweak that contradicts IntelliScreenX. Instead of adding functionality to it why not remove it. Because there is toggle to disable this function, NoLockScreen adds that necessary toggle in Settings app so every time you hit Home button or Power button the device will show Home screen. Zephyr gives the multitasking capability to your device. Just by swiping from the bottom up you access the multitasking bar. Or if you want a simple way to switch between running apps you can swipe from the edge of the screen right to left or left to right. Another gesture is for closing an application just by swiping up.

SpringBoard Invaders is tweak that transforms your home screen into a game. We are all familiar with the game space invaders, so in our case the invaders are the application icons.

SpringBlock Breaker is another game transforming home screen tweak. This game is similar to block breaker.

Infini tweaks composed of InfiniBoard, InfiniFolders, InfiniDock remove the limit of your home screen. They just remove the maximum number of allowed apps in dock area, the maximum number of icons per folder.

Gridlock adds the possibility to move and place any icon on the screen.

WeatherIcon is a tweak that animates the Weather Icon app giving you real time weather info.

LiveClock is similar to WeatherIcon where instead of the static icon the Clock app icon you will see the exact time.

DeepEnd adds a 3D effect to your home screen or that apps are moving. This is also called the parallax effect.

Barrel is an interesting tweak because it adds a 3D effect when you slide through pages.

CyDelete is that tweak which helps you delete with ease a package that you don’t wont. It will let you delete cydia apps from your Springboard just like those apps installed from App Store.

Safari Download Enabler we all seen that if file is not supported by the iOS, Safari will not download that file. With Safari Download Enabler you can actually remove that limitation.

GridTab for Safari will add the possibility to have opened tabs in a 2×2 or 3×3 grid thus making easier surfing the web.

BiteSMS adds some interesting functions to iMessage and texting like passcode lock, templates, SMS schedule and many more. But the biggest features are that you can Quick Reply or Quick Compose from anywhere on your phone.

iFile is that missing important piece from iOS. iFile is the only file manager that you will ever need. But be extra careful, because iFile access your file system. It also supports well known media formats.

And as I promised let’s start our cydia tweaks for iPad.

Fullscreen For iPad is a tweak that will give fullscreen for your Safari web browser but it also brings some gestures that can be configured to ease your web browsing.

FullForece and RetinaPad are two tweaks that will make any application run in fullscreen mode.

Emblem will change the way you get notifications. It brings to your iPad that Mac notification feel, all notifications will be stacked in the corner of your screen.

SplitMail for iPad brings that split landscape feel of browsing through mails in landscape to portrait mode.

Quassar is more like a window enabler for apps. This will help you manage all your apps from the same screen without switching from screen to screen, in the process giving that desktop like feel of managing running apps.

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